Students and Faculty of the North Louisiana Industrial Institute

The bulletin for Leland University I found these lists of students in, can be seen on the Internet Archives here : .

I also found them digitized on the Hathi Trust page and on the Worldcat database.

I transcribed from each brochure the list of students, which added up to around 2,300 names! What you will see here is the name of the student, the school year they attended the Monroe Academy, and if the hometown they came from is different from Monroe, I listed it. Some school years didn’t list a hometown though. The school drew students in from all over northeastern Louisiana. The second tab (tabs are at the very top of the document) is the faculty listed for the year. I really think these are just the principal and assistant principals. I found no list of teachers. The school years I found lists for are:

1897 – 1898
1899 – 1900
1900 – 1901
1902 – 1903
1903 – 1904
1904 – 1905
1905 – 1906
1906 – 1907
1907 – 1908
1909 – 1910
1910 – 1911
1913 – 1914

Take a look and see if you find an ancestor!

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