Western Union Messenger Boys

This is one of the treasures we got last week! https://www.louisianadigitallibrary.org/islandora/object/oplib-pho%3A485 This shows a line of messenger boys in front of the old Western Union in the 1920s. Western Union was located at 122 South Grand Street. What blew me away was the business next door, Coney Island! I really believe this was the very … Continue reading Western Union Messenger Boys

Drawing of the old ONB/Central Bank Building

I found this copy of a drawing of the old Ouachita National Bank and Central Bank & Trust building, stuck in a ratty binder down in south Louisiana this weekend. I think this was one of the most beautiful buildings in Monroe when it stood on South Grand! This, however, doesn't compare with what else … Continue reading Drawing of the old ONB/Central Bank Building