Crescent Bend Advertising Brochure – 1924

Another old brochure advertised the opening of the Crescent Bend addition lands for homes. Included in the description was the below crude map showing where it was. That area is now where Town and Country subdivision is. Notice that all the highways were graveled! The Cole addition listed below Crescent Bend is where ULM is … Continue reading Crescent Bend Advertising Brochure – 1924

Lewiston, LA – The Ouachita Town That Never Was

In 1819, the Louisiana State Legislature created the town of Lewiston in Ouachita Parish. It was just up the Ouachita from Monroe. No maps of it exist. The description of it was, "...blocks or Squares fronting DeSiard or St. George Street four block and extending North up Walnut Street seven blocks..." T.C. Lewis and Patrick … Continue reading Lewiston, LA – The Ouachita Town That Never Was