African-American Funeral Programs – The New Index

Several weeks ago, I published the index to the first fifty volumes of Ouachita Parish funeral home programs the Genealogy Department has collected over the years. When my colleague retired (she had started the work) I promised her that I would continue it as long as people brought me their programs to include. I'm currently … Continue reading African-American Funeral Programs – The New Index

Peters Funeral Home Index: 1918 – 1966: Q – Z Names

NameDate of Death Page Book NumberQuerriera, Nellie MillerDecember 23, 19458611Quinn, Louis RichmondApril 18, 19344578Rabb, IdaSeptember 14, 19295416Rabun, CarolineNovember 25, 19303457Rabun, ElizabethFebruary 3, 19255253Rabun, JamesJuly 14, 19242553Rabun, Margie H.November 16, 19602214Rabun, Pierre SouleApril 9, 19505212Rabun, R.N.February 8, 19293716Rabun, RodneyJanuary 27, 1928126Rachall, TeonMarch 13, 19361359Rachell, Camella DeleryDecember 22, 195926113Radau, InfantJuly 12, 19251684Ragland, InfantJuly 20, 19242703Ragland, MarieJune 30, … Continue reading Peters Funeral Home Index: 1918 – 1966: Q – Z Names

Peters Funeral Home Index: 1918 – 1966: M – P Names

NameDate of DeathPageBook NumberMaassen, Margaret ElizabethNovember 19, 19282856Mabrey, GlaydisNovember, 1922971Mack, Pearl MaryAugust 29, 19243143Madden, Clete CarrMarch 19, 19264944Maddocks, Levi EldredgeFebruary 15, 19469311Maddox, DaveFebruary 9, 19293736Maddy, Gillan WomackMarch 23, 195922713Maddy, Thomas CecilAugust 19, 19361839Madison, Judge J.P.January 18, 1924173Madison, MilesDecember 4, 19232642Magham, InfantFebruary 21, 1928426Mahone, TheronJuly 3, 1918531Maish, VernonMarch 5, 195428512Major, JohnieNovember 8, 19232262Major, Reese E. Sr.February … Continue reading Peters Funeral Home Index: 1918 – 1966: M – P Names

Peters Funeral Home Index 1918 – 1966 A-L Names

The Ouachita Parish Public Library's Special Collections Department is the repository for the records of one of Monroe's biggest funeral homes, Peters. Over the next three days, I'll be sharing the name index (since the records span twelve books and almost fifty years!) To see the actual records, come by the Special Collections Department Monday-Friday … Continue reading Peters Funeral Home Index 1918 – 1966 A-L Names

Richardson Funeral Home

As well as Burton/Good Citizen records, Ouachita Parish Public Library has records for the Richardson Funeral Home from 1954 - 1976. They are contained in three volumes and have been indexed by name and by date. NameDate of DeathPage #Book #Adoner, John12/26/1960180Book AAlexander, Carl8/10/1971125Book CAlexander, James8/11/1964290Book AAlexander, Shirley2/9/1959123Book AAllen, Elijah3/20/1975264Book CAllen, Henry6/8/1972130Book BAllen, Henry6/9/1972152Book CAllen, … Continue reading Richardson Funeral Home

Burton/Good Citizen Funeral Home Index

Part of the collection of the Ouachita Parish Public Library's Genealogy Department are copies of funeral home records. Included are records for the above two funeral homes, from 1954 - 1978. Many years ago, a name index was compiled. The following names are included: NamePage #Book #?, Arthur111Book A?, Charley123Book A?, James169Book AAdams, Alice120Book AAdams, … Continue reading Burton/Good Citizen Funeral Home Index

Monroe/West Monroe Funeral Homes

Year of first appearanceName of Funeral HomeAddress in Monroein the City Directory1936Acme Funeral722 Adams1956Burton1617 DeSiard1957Burton & Bowie1617 DeSiard1938Christian Funeral Home1715 Grammont1938Corry704 Riverside1930Corry-Davis2917 South Grand1929Corry-Williams2917 South Grand1936Davis-Lawhead1008 Jackson1966Delta Funeral Service Assn.201 Telemaque1940Dixie403 Jackson1940Douglas Sherman1715 Grammont1942Good Citizens1617 DeSiard1945Hall 403 Jackson1979Hester Central State811 Louise Ann 1947Hixson Brothers1110 Jackson1957Hunt's Mortuary1501 Adams1956Kilpatrick1502 Cypress (WEST MONROE)1929Lamothe1216 De Siard1936Miller's1006 Washington1913Morehead & Cook701 DeSiard1912Morehead & … Continue reading Monroe/West Monroe Funeral Homes