The Ouachita/Key House: Monroe’s Confederate Hospital?

The Ouachita Hotel, was located where the park is now at the corner of 3rd and DeSiard. It was built in 1861 by Sloan and Mason. In 1890, F.G. Key bought the building and it became the Key House. In 1895 a case of Smallpox broke out at the hotel which made the Shreveport paper: … Continue reading The Ouachita/Key House: Monroe’s Confederate Hospital?

“There is sometimes a great deal in a name.”

The Crowley Signal (Crowley, LA) January 4, 1908 There is sometimes a great deal in a name.  Some wag wrote Carrie Nation's name on the register of the Hotel Monroe, at Monroe, the other day and the hotel bar closed within half an hour, while the proprietors of the other bars stood in their doors … Continue reading “There is sometimes a great deal in a name.”

Monroe’s Riverfront in 1907.

I love this one!  The water was incredibly low during the summer of 1907.  Can you imagine wading across the Ouachita?  The big building in the foreground is Ouachita National Bank and Central Savings Bank and Trust Company building built the year before on Grand Street.  It would  be torn down the 70's.  The building … Continue reading Monroe’s Riverfront in 1907.

The Earliest Hotel in Monroe.

Mississippi Free Trader (Natchez, MS) August 26, 1836, Page 3 MONROE HOTEL. The subscriber offers this house to the patronage of the public.  It is well located, being directly opposite to the Receiver’s office, and only a very short distance from the Register’s. If personal attention, obliging servants, good beds, and as good a table … Continue reading The Earliest Hotel in Monroe.