1939 Christmas Fiesta Parade on DeSiard Street

These last two parade photos I will share show the parade as it was passing by the Style Shop. The first one shows a Drum Major leading her band! I ADORE this one! https://www.louisianadigitallibrary.org/islandora/object/oplib-pho%3A559 This second one is a little creepy. It appears to be two persons in some kind of clown costume! https://www.louisianadigitallibrary.org/islandora/object/oplib-pho%3A560 Somethings … Continue reading 1939 Christmas Fiesta Parade on DeSiard Street

The Wooten-Hyle Implement Company Ltd.

On December 29, 1909, the Shreveport Times carried this little paragraph in their paper, talking about a new business that had just organized in Monroe: The Wooten Hyle Implement Company, Ltd., is a new concern just organized. The company will handle a full line of implements and machinery used on the farm. The Company will … Continue reading The Wooten-Hyle Implement Company Ltd.