Students in Other Parish schools

Last week, I told you about the Monroe Academy, a Leland University affiliate private school for African-American students at the turn of the last century. Leland had affiliate schools all over Louisiana in the 1890s and 1900s and some Ouachita Parish students were sent to these other schools! If the student lived in the western part of the parish, it was easier to send your child to the Ruston school instead of the Monroe one. A couple of Monroe kids went to Ruston’s school anyway. Again, some years didn’t list the students’ hometown, so there may be even more students that should be on this list! Here are those students in other schools with a Ouachita parish hometown:

NameSchool Year(s)SchoolHometown
Allen, Gertrude1899 – 1900, 1901 – 1902Ruston InstituteMonroe/West Monroe
Billings, Jacob W.1899 – 1900Ruston InstituteWest Monroe
Eldridge, Mary1899 – 1900Ruston InstituteCalhoun
Elmore, Mittie1901 – 1902Ruston InstituteMonroe
Green, George1899 – 1900Ruston InstituteMonroe
Hanspert, Hart1899 – 1900; 1901 – 1902Ruston InstituteCalhoun
Horace, Idella1906 – 1907Central LA Academy (Alexandria)Logtown
Jackson, Ida1899 – 1900Ruston InstituteWest Monroe
Johnson, Alvin1901 – 1902Ruston InstituteTrenton
Johnson, Elijah1901 – 1902Ruston InstituteTrenton
Johnson, Elisha1901 – 1902Ruston InstituteTrenton
Johnson, James1901 – 1902Ruston InstituteTrenton
London, Francis1906 – 1907Central LA Academy (Alexandria)Logtown
Oliver, Minnie1900 – 1901; 1901 – 1902Ruston InstituteMonroe
Scott, Sallie1901 – 1902Ruston InstituteWest Monroe
Thompson, Hettie1901 – 1902Ruston InstituteWest Monroe
Williams, Clyde1901 – 1902Ruston InstituteCalhoun
Young, Jannie1899 – 1900Ruston InstituteForksville

I also noticed a list of students and alumni of Leland University listed in the bulletins and here are the ones from Ouachita parish: Obadiah Barnes, Francis Marion Boley, Dee/DeWitte Burke, Fannie Ellen Carroll, Henrietta Brownlow Dunn, Loretta Harriett Dunn (Prof. Pruitt’s wife), Southard Pirlum Dunn, William Hudson Muncy Dunn, Madison J. Foster, Charles Richard Gardner, Hettie Beatrice Gardner, Julia Norwissa Gardner, George Wadsworth Green, William Ira Green, Mildred Olivia Hamilton, Della Annie Johnson, Mattie Levy, Solomon Long, Irene Marx, Irene Mickens, Lucinda Miller, Anna Lydia Mitchell, Nannie Beatrice Outtz, Annie Pitman, William M. Pruitt, Loretta Amelia Richardson, Savannah Richardson, Hugh Alexander Rogers, Mary R. Scott, Irene Smith, Madeline Essie Williams, Benjamin Windham and Henrietta Lydia Windham.

There is one special student of Leland University I would like to highlight. Katie McEnery, from an 1883 – 1884 bulletin, was listed as the only student from Monroe!

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