Mayor Forsythe Lying in State

Mayor Forsythe's coffin - 1914 The above photo is from the collection of the Ouachita Parish Public Library's Genealogy and Special Collections Department. It shows the coffin and funeral offerings for Mayor Andrew Alexander Forsythe lying in state in Monroe's City Hall. Mayor Forsythe had passed away on September 29, 1914. He was buried in … Continue reading Mayor Forsythe Lying in State

The Unsolved Murders of Crawford and Harris

               I found this article several years back in the Ouachita Telegraph.  It appeared Saturday, September 13, 1873.  I incorporated this story into my Old City Cemetery tour.  Harris was Monroe’s first popularly elected Mayor, elected at the youthful age of 23 in 1855.  His death, unfortunately, was just a case of being at the … Continue reading The Unsolved Murders of Crawford and Harris

Confederate Reunion in Monroe, 1913

Very long photo, and unfortunately, I had to make it very small to get the whole thing in!  This was taken at the state confederate reunion in Monroe, September, 1913.  You can see the whole thing up close and personal in the Ouachita Parish Public Library's Special Collections Department.  I know a couple of the … Continue reading Confederate Reunion in Monroe, 1913