Henrietta Winham Johnson Recreation Center Program – 1962

This is another Rec Center program, this one is from the opening of the Johnson Rec Center. It is the same format as the Marbles program, with Henrietta's biographical information in it: https://www.louisianadigitallibrary.org/islandora/object/oplib-orv%3A107 I have been thoroughly enjoying all the hidden priceless gems we have been finding in our collection! More is coming as we … Continue reading Henrietta Winham Johnson Recreation Center Program – 1962

Zion Traveler Church Fellowship, circa 1945

This photo from our collection is only identified as Zion Traveler Baptist Church. https://www.louisianadigitallibrary.org/islandora/object/oplib-pho%3A35 It shows people seated around tables eating, wearing their Sunday best. From the clothing, it appears to have been taken in the 40's or so. If you will notice, there are pews pulled up to the tables for seating! One gentleman … Continue reading Zion Traveler Church Fellowship, circa 1945

Some Tidbits About Richard Barrington

Among Dr. Williams' papers was a file with Richard Barrington's name on it. Inside were copies of some sheets of paper with info written on them. Richard W. Barrington The first document was a paragraph which relates Mr. Barrington's dates of birth and death, along with some info about how he became a slave of … Continue reading Some Tidbits About Richard Barrington

Collens Five Point Pharmacy

This building was another one that stood in the 600 block of DeSiard Street, right at the corner of 6th: https://www.louisianadigitallibrary.org/islandora/object/lsu-sc-p16313coll52%3A1162 I am guessing that window is where African-American clientele picked up their prescriptions, since they were not allowed under Jim Crow laws to enter the whites only front entrance. I am not sure though. … Continue reading Collens Five Point Pharmacy

1947 Photo of DeSiard Street

This photo was labeled, "Negro quarter on Main Street, Monroe, Louisiana." in the Louisiana Digital Library: https://www.louisianadigitallibrary.org/islandora/object/lsu-sc-p16313coll52%3A1163 . It is a photo from the LSU Special Collections. I did a little digging in the 47-48 Monroe City Directory, and the scene depicted here shows a strip of buildings that once stood next to the New … Continue reading 1947 Photo of DeSiard Street

Slave sale in Monroe.

Ad from the Monroe Register Newspaper, February 9, 1860. This just makes me shiver. Notice how Granville and Lucinda were husband and wife. Five years later, they all would be free. Did Granville and Lucinda get sold together or were they separated? If they were separated, did they find each other again after freedom came? … Continue reading Slave sale in Monroe.

Early Ouachita Parish Coroner’s Records 1862 – 1929: Part I A-K Names

Fifteen years ago, I was allowed in the basement of the Ouachita Parish Courthouse to nose around in the records. Thrown in the bottom of a filing cabinet, I found some very old coroner's reports, dating back to 1862. We got permission from the Clerk of Court to spend a couple of weeks down there … Continue reading Early Ouachita Parish Coroner’s Records 1862 – 1929: Part I A-K Names

Richardson Funeral Home

As well as Burton/Good Citizen records, Ouachita Parish Public Library has records for the Richardson Funeral Home from 1954 - 1976. They are contained in three volumes and have been indexed by name and by date. NameDate of DeathPage #Book #Adoner, John12/26/1960180Book AAlexander, Carl8/10/1971125Book CAlexander, James8/11/1964290Book AAlexander, Shirley2/9/1959123Book AAllen, Elijah3/20/1975264Book CAllen, Henry6/8/1972130Book BAllen, Henry6/9/1972152Book CAllen, … Continue reading Richardson Funeral Home