School Integration…in 1908?

This article made me smile! Daily Enterprise-Leader (New Iberia) December 19, 1908, Page 6 Whites in Negro School. Monroe, Dec. 19. - Two Italian children are attending a private negro school with a negro teacher, who says they presented themselves and that she sees no harm in it. I found another article (New Orleans Times-Picayune, … Continue reading School Integration…in 1908?

Clark School – circa 1953

In the early 50's Carroll High School was built as the new African-American High School in Monroe. The old Monroe Colored High became Clark School for the younger kids. A teacher at the old Monroe Colored High became the new principal. Mr. B.D. Robinson is a very important educator, businessman and civil rights leader in … Continue reading Clark School – circa 1953

Albert Gourville Breard (1892 – 1953) and woman. This little boy comes from the illustrious Breard and Filhiol families. His parents were Robert M. and Heloise A Filhiol Breard. The African-American lady with him is unidentified but was most likely his nanny. Her eyes caught me as soon as I saw the photo. She is decked out in her Sunday finest, wearing … Continue reading Albert Gourville Breard (1892 – 1953) and woman.

Two Unidentified Monroe Portraits

I found these on the Portal to Texas History page. One is a Mealy photo and the other is a Harper photo. This first one is the Harper photo of a middle-aged African American man. The second is the Mealy photo of two young African American boys in knee britches. I wonder who … Continue reading Two Unidentified Monroe Portraits