Early Monroe Homes Report, 1966

Here is another treasure from Nan Saulsberry! It is a report she did on the area's historic homes. The building's that are mentioned: O'Kelly House, Lower and Upper Pargoud Plantations, Fort Miro DAR Chapter House, Layton Place, Ingleside, Colonial Dames Museum [Isaiah Garrett Law Office], Boscobel, and the Filhiol Home. Keep in mind, some of … Continue reading Early Monroe Homes Report, 1966

Ouachita Parish History Mural

Back in 1958, Frances Flanders, Director of the Ouachita Parish Public Library, was in the middle of construction of the new Main Branch Library. Ms. Flanders wanted a statement piece to hang over the circulation desk of the new library. With the permission of the library board, Ms. Flanders commissioned Hubble Reed McBride, a Dallas … Continue reading Ouachita Parish History Mural

Natchitoches Street West Monroe Almost Had a New Name

Back in 1953 a movement began in West Monroe to change the name of Natchitoches Street to Main Street. The DAR vehemently opposed the suggestion. You see, Natchitoches Street was part of the original trail/road between Fort Miro and Natchitoches during Filhiol's residency. Those who wanted the name changed argued that Natchitoches was too hard … Continue reading Natchitoches Street West Monroe Almost Had a New Name