A Tantalizing Civil War Map

I was exploring the National Archives online catalog, when I found some Confederate maps they have in their collection. One in particular intrigued me:


A big problem is that it has no key. I can guess some of what it is, such as towns, swamps, rivers, roads, land owners, etc… What intrigues me is one spot in particular. Follow Arkansas Road till you find the Marlow’s land and look across from it. There is a tiny outlined plot of land with what looks to be a Confederate flag. Does this show where the Confederate training camp was? If so, this is priceless, because researchers have been trying to find it for decades. If there was only a key…

2 thoughts on “A Tantalizing Civil War Map

  1. Re Confederate training camp: If the spot you talked about is the training camp it would be located, based on the section numbers and using an old 1935 quadrangle map for Drew, LA the camp would be right about where Old Highway 15 meets Arkansas Rd near Drew School in the southeast 1/4 of Section 15 T18N R2E and the southwest 1/4 of Section 14 T18N R2E. Noticed that there is a Chapel Hill Church south of the tract with the Confederate Flag. That is somewhat close to the New Chapel Hill Cemetery in Drew. Wonder if that was the “Old” Chapel Hill Church. Could not find an Old Chapel Hill Cemetery though.


  2. Also noticed what appears to be a second confederate flag along Fenner Road. It is actually along side of the Old Columbia Road just south of the Old Fenner Road on a tract labeled D. Moss.


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