Area High Schools Once Had Live Mascots!

Shasta becomes a proud papa. -

Did you know that Neville and Ouachita Parish High School once had live mascots? Above is pictured Shasta the tiger, who was Neville’s mascot.

Ouachita’s lion mascot was called Cheepa, named after the noise he made as a cub!

Cheepa II. -

Both animals were kept at the Zoo and used in the zoo’s captive breeding program, but had special cages for the big games. Some high school boys (YIKES!) were selected each year to drive to the zoo, load up their mascot into the portable cage, and bring them to the pep rallies and games. It was definitely a different time!

One thought on “Area High Schools Once Had Live Mascots!

  1. I graduated from Neville in 1972. Shasta was a proud participant in pep rallies and home games. I remember seeing the Ouachita lion and Shasta at the zoo.

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