African-American Funeral Programs – The New Index

Several weeks ago, I published the index to the first fifty volumes of Ouachita Parish funeral home programs the Genealogy Department has collected over the years. When my colleague retired (she had started the work) I promised her that I would continue it as long as people brought me their programs to include. I’m currently working on volume 56. This is the index of volumes 51 – 55. Come by the library if you would like to see them!

NOTE: The entire master index through all current volumes can be found here:

There are tabs at the bottom for other parishes or states we have volumes for. Be sure and check all indexes!

Name Volume
Adams, Clara Turner (Sister)51
Allen, John Davis55
Allen, Sammie Lee Sr.54
Baker, Annanias53
Bell, James Standley54
Benton, Robert “Bob”51
Berry, Betty Gail54
Berry, William Allen55
Bishop, Annie Beatrice Young 52
Blanch, Jamie Lavell (Brother)55
Boley, Princess Elizabeth Robinson (Sister)51
Bolton, Becky Levette (Sister)55
Bosley, Roosevelt Minor Jr. (Deacon)53
Boyd, Thomas Jr. (Deacon)51
Bradley, Comisha Tamikia “Pumpkin”53
Bridges, Robert Donell Sr.54
Bright, Leo Shelton54
Britton, Laura Lee Hanspard53
Britton, Marie52
Britton, Robert Lee (Brother)52
Broadway, Julia Ann (Minister)53
Broadway, Julia Ann (Minister)54
Browhaw, Lucy Jones52
Brown, Marco Jarrell54
Brown, Robert U. (Brother)51
Butler, Clarence Jr. (Brother)55
Bynum, Dontey LaVar “Big Round”51
Cage-Morris, Lou Della Wade52
Calhoun, Leola Bates (Sister)52
Calhoun, Wallace Anthony (Brother)55
Calloway, Anzell (Deacon)54
Carprue, Linda Darnell Young (Sister)53
Carter, Fannie Lee (Sister)53
Carter, Nathaniel “Big Na”52
Carter, Samuel (Brother)51
Ceasar, Lorenzo Keith54
Chappelle, Matilda B. Young53
Cherry, Michael Ray “Wild Cherry” (Brother)55
Clark, Roosevelt Jr. (Reverend)54
Coates, Ida Marie52
Coleman, Herbert Jr.52
Collins, Deborah Sue52
Collins, James E. Jr. (Brother)51
Collins, Leroy (Deacon)53
Constantino, Grace Evelyn52
Cooper, Danny Joe54
Crouch, Rozelia53
Cyrus, Ronald James Sr. (Reverend)53
Dade, John Edward Jr.53
Davenport, Nathaniel Sr. (Deacon)53
Davis, Jeff (Brother)53
Davis, Larry Donnell (Brother)51
Davis, Reginald James52
Davis, Ruby Pearl Virginia Ferguson54
Dunaway, Elizabeth Smith “Liz” (Sister)55
Dunn, Vada Mae (Sister)54
Dunn, Willie Mae Elmore (Sister)55
Dunnaway, Robert Lee55
Edwards, Darrin Kava Edwards (Brother)51
Ellis, Edward Louis “Easy”53
Ellis-Thompson, Eula Milinda51
Ellis-Thompson, Eula Milinda52
Elmore, Louis Sr. (Brother)51
Elmore, Preston Leonard51
England, Walter (Brother)54
Esaw, Henry Thomas Jr.53
Floyd, James Edward52
Fort-Thompson, Ida V.52
Foster, Lynn Ray52
Franklin, Emmitt Loretha Bell (Sister)52
Franklin, John M. (Brother)52
Frith, Oterrius Oshay “Chuckie”55
Gallow, Esther Louise52
Gardener-Caldwell, Jessie  (Sister)52
Gardner, Gary Donell “Scoota”52
Gardner, Michael Wayne51
Gardner, Michael Wayne52
Gardnery, Curtis Charles55
Gene, Robert Louis52
George, Roderick Gene (Brother)53
Gilbert, Lula Pearl Swazer54
Gix, Joycelyn Rena Ealy53
Glover, Andrew (Brother)55
Glover, Cleve Jr.54
Goins, Henry James “Bo”55
Goodin, Rita Ann Randle54
Grace, Corona Ann (Sister)51
Graves, Demetrius Antonio53
Gray, Elijah Sr. “Pig”55
Gray, Florence53
Gray, Julian Maylon Sr.52
Green, Bernice Robinson (Sister)53
Green, Florica Kathelena “Flo”51
Green, Procter (Deacon)55
Griffin, Hettie M. West53
Hampton, Earlean Wilson55
Hanspard, Curtis Lee (Reverend)53
Hanspard, Woodrow Wilson “Mose”53
Hardy, Willie J. (Deacon)53
Harris, Delores Hayes54
Harris, Hayward “Elmo”52
Harris, Louis William54
Harris, Mary Arlene53
Harris, Rickey Vaughn51
Harris, Ruby Cornelius Ballard (Mother)55
Harris, Sullivan D. Jr. (Brother)53
Harrison, Bernice Marie Warren “Gem”55
Hayes, Sir Frederick (Deacon)54
Henderson, James C. Sr.52
Henderson, Marveion Marque54
Henderson, SirDerrick (Brother)51
Henderson, Thelma (Sister)52
Henry, Rosa Bouie54
Hervey, Maurice Elizabeth West53
Hester, Lois Green (Sister)52
Hewitt, Paul David51
Higgins, Michael Gary51
Hill, Carl Edward52
Hill, Leo (Reverend)55
Hollins, Alma Marie51
Hollis, Phil Earl “Black Mess”53
Holmes, Hazel Lee51
Honeycutt-Seaberry, Rosa B. (large program)51
Honeycutt-Seaberry, Rosa B. (small program)51
Horne, Kennith Wendell “Kenny Horne”51
Howard, Artago Damond 52
Howard, Dave (Deacon)51
Howell, Autrey Lane (Deacon)52
Howell, Michael Lionel Sr.51
Hubbard, Tyeshia Monique Dean51
Huddleston, Betty C.54
Hunter, Kathrine G. Greely (Sister)52
Isby, Willie Jr. (Deacon)54
Jackson, Annie Mae Cooper (Mother)54
Jackson, Doris Elmore (Sister)55
Jackson, Emma L. Hanspard (Sister)53
Jackson, Essie B. Bowers (Mother)53
Jackson, Herbert Lee53
Jackson, Howard Lee “Bear”52
Jackson, Joe (Brother)54
Jackson, Julia Ann53
Jackson, Marie Jenkins51
Jackson, Suzie54
James, Shirley Louis55
James, Walter Lee (Elder) “The Carpet Man”51
Jasper, Paul Andre55
Jefferson, Robert “Jeff”51
Jenkins, Eddie Mae West (Sister)53
Johnson, A.G. (Dr.)55
Johnson, Geraldine “Baby Ruth” (Mother)52
Johnson, LaCatya Monique51
Johnson, Mary Lee Hopson (Sister)53
Johnson, Profit Lee55
Johnson, William Morris54
Jones, Ametra C.52
Jones, Bobbie Jean (Sister)55
Jones, Jimmie55
Jones, Ray Donald Jr. (Reverend)54
Kage, Angela53
Key, Donita Edwards (Sister)53
King, Calvin L.52
Lamb, George (Brother)52
Lawrence, Willis “Jake” Jr.54
Lee, George Ellis Sr. “Pinkie”51
Lewis, Leon II53
Livingston, Izola Richardson52
Long, Ashton Jacobi52
Long, Joseph “Tot”52
Loring, Willie Mae Jones51
Love, Arthur Lee Sparks (Sister)55
Lyons, James Leonard54
Major, Nettie B.55
Manning, Shelton “Tank”53
Mannings, Verlee Young (Sister)53
Mathis, Curtis Ray54
Mathis, Eugene53
McCall, Barry Lane (Reverend)51
McCauley, Edna B.52
McClinton, Michael Dewayne54
McCloud, Myrtle Lee Hampton51
McFarland-Robinson, Irma Lee55
McGuire, Rosie Daniels James53
Menyweathers, Rosie (Sister)53
Mickel, Amey (Sister)52
Miley, Johnie Jewiel51
Miley, Johnie Jewiel52
Miller, David T.53
Minnifield, Thelma Louise53
Mitchell, Aaron Jonathan “A.J.”52
Modicue, James “Henry”51
Montgomery, Donald52
Moore, Charles Edward “Joe”52
Moore, Deborah Delores Jiles “Debbie”51
Morgan, Bettye Jo Taylor “Sissy”52
Morris, Sophronia Young (Sister)53
Moss, Myra Beatrice West (Sister)53
Nall, Willie52
Nelson, Betty Jean Brooks (Sister)52
Nelson, Gladys Ree (Mother)53
Newman, Eugene “Deuce”52
Newton, Michael Roynae54
Nugent, Katie Mae Wright (Reverend)51
Patrick, Jacqueline Pearl (Sister)54
Patterson, Anthony Angelo51
Perkins, Delores Mathews (Sister)54
Powell, Andrew Jr. (Brother)54
Powell, Danny Ray Sr.55
Prescod, Daisy Roberta Jackson51
Price, Annie Mae Ford (Sister)55
Profit, Leroy (Brother)55
Reese, JoAnn Smart54
Reitzell, Ceaser Thomas Jr. (Deacon)55
Richards, Ernest “BaBa”51
Richardson, James Edward (Brother)53
Roberson, Edna Ruth (Sister)53
Roberson, Kathy Lynn Young (Sister)53
Roberts, Francis Hanspard (Sister)53
Robinson, Edith Clarice Norman53
Robinson, Emmaline Deloris Smith51
Robinson, LeJuan Cortez55
Rogers, Larry Wayne Sr. (Brother)53
Ross, Edna Mae (Sister)53
Ross, Tralandra Quiana “Lanny K”53
Ross, Willie “Hurk”Jr.52
Ruffin, Mary Pearl “Bull”51
Sampson, Hartie Sr. (Brother)52
Sanders, Everett Baron51
Sanders, William (Pastor)55
Saulsberry, Lula Bell53
Savage, Frances Helen (Sister)52
Scott, Cleveland Ray53
Scott, David Samuel “S.S.” “Sonny Boy” (Brother)52
Scott, Julia Mae Robinson52
Scott, Sadie Mae Eaton (Sister)53
Sellers, O’Terrius Ladell “OT”51
Shelling, Roy Neal51
Shepard, Mary Lee “Maylee” Loring54
Sims, Ronnie Lynn52
Slack, Jerry Louis53
Slack, Willie Mae (Mother)55
Slacks, Lorraine Hayes55
Smith, Calvin Charles (Brother)53
Smith, Jacqueline K. “Jackie”52
Smith, Luevonger Hanspard (Sister)53
Smith, Maggie “Doll”53
Smith, Oscar53
Smith, Thomas Ray52
Smith, Verrie Lee Wilson (Sister)53
Sparks, Virgil54
Staten, Bertha Marie52
Staten, Johnnie Lee McFarland51
Stevenson, Alex (Brother)53
Stinson, Floria52
Strawder, Shirley Williams (Sister)52
Stringer, Edna Jackson Daniel “Big Mama”51
Tankchell, Maggie Reed (Sister)51
Tates, Rosiazenta “Poochie”51
Taylor, Larnell (Deacon)53
Taylor, Lena Murl Andrews55
Taylor, Margarette Elaine Hanspard (Sister)53
Thomas, Clovis52
Thomas, Laverne52
Thompson, Cleophus (Sister)51
Toney, Gertrude “Mix Anne” (Sister)53
Toston, Frank52
Traylor, James Henry51
Tribble, L. J. Jr. (Brother)53
Tucker, James E.52
Turner, Walter Mason (Brother)52
Van Buren, Shonta “B-Money”54
Vaughn, Sylvester Sr. (Brother)55
Wagner, Frederick O. (Reverend)52
Walker, Ivory (Brother)52
Ward, Lawrence Ray (Brother)52
Warren, Michael A.52
Webb, Joe Sammie53
Wesley, Mildred Kie51
West, Alvia Jackson (Brother)53
West, James L. Sr. 53
West, Nancy Ann (Sister)53
White, Fredda Mae Jackson52
White, Peter Sr.54
White, Samuel Sr. (Deacon)55
White, Stanley Bernard52
Wiley, Dorothy Mae Jackson (Sister)52
Wiley, Minnie Fee Young (Deaconess)53
Wilhite, Jessie D’Wayne (Cpl.)53
Wilhite, Nebane Badger52
Williams, Calvin52
Williams, Joe Ben “J.B.”54
Williams, Lillian Peevy “Ma Dear”52
Williams, Patricia51
Wilson, Corine Davis (Sister)53
Wilson, Leo53
Wilson, Pearl Smith (Sister)53
Wimberly, James Henry Sr. “Jimmie”52
Winchester, Charles “Sonny”54
Winters, Roy Collie Sr.55
Woods, Betty Jean51
Woods, Martrice Ford (Sister)55
Woods, Vera53
Wooten, Clareither Annielee Burton (Mother)54
Young, Alvin D. (Deacon)53
Young, Ananias (Deacon)53
Young, Angela Ann51
Young, Bessie Lee West (Deaconess)53
Young, Elias “E.L.” (Brother)53
Young, Henry (Deacon)53
Young, Joseph (Brother)53
Young, Major (Deacon)53

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