OPPL Photo Index Part IV

1501Gahagan House – Bettie PFister 1982
1502Edgewood House – Bettie PFister –  May, 1983, Farmerville, LA
1503West Hill House circa 1876 – Bettie PFister 1982
1504Lincoln Parish Museum (Davis House) – Bettie PFister –  May, 1983
1505The Townsend House circa 1890 – Bettie PFister 1982
1506Ingleside Plantation – Bettie PFister -5/26/1983 – Monroe, LA
1507Monroe, LA – I20 Bridge
1508Red Sims property in Cadeville, LA – 1990
1509Spillway, Chatham, LA – 1991
1510Chatham, LA on Hwy 4 looking south – 1991
1511Woodmen of the World Society State Convention, Monroe, LA, March 14-17, 1975
1512OPHS Reunion, Class of 1953, Monroe, LA, May 21 & 22, 1993
1513Bastrop, LA
1514Commerce & Wood Streets, West Monroe, LA
1515OPHS aerial view, June 1986
1516OPHS Reunion, Class of 1957, Monroe, LA, Sept. 20, 1986
1517OPHS Reunion, Class of 1958, Monroe, LA, Sept. 20, 1986
1518OPHS Reunion, Class of 1956, Monroe, LA, Sept. 20, 1986
1519West Ouachita HS Class of 1991
1520West Ouachita HS Class of 1993
1521Monroe, LA souvenir postcard
1522Lea Joyner Bridge, Monroe, LA
1523Student Union Building – ULM prior to change of mascot
1524Layton Castle Residence, Monroe, LA portraits of Horatio & Frances Spriggs
1526Washburn, J. S. -purchased clock on the Central Savings Bank & Trust Company
1527 Central Savings Bank & Trust Company clock
1528Salt Water Natatorium, Monroe, LA
1529Salt Water Natatorium High Dive, Monroe, LA
1530City free Natatorium, salt water supplied from artesian well, 1400 feet deep
1532Neville High School – Class of 1961 – 30th Reunion, Aug. 2-3, 1991 – Monroe, LA
1533Monroe City Hall (old)
1534Monroe City Market
1535Jewish Temple & Parsonage
1536DeSiard Street, looking west – Monroe, LA
1537Cental Savings Bank & Trust, Co.
1538Monroe, LA – aerial view 1922- postcard
1539Ouachita Parish Junior College, Monroe, LA
1541Methodist Church in Monroe -1906
1542Episcopal Church, Monroe, LA
1543DeSiard Street, Monroe, LA – commercial view showing bridge crossing Ouachita River
1544Breard Mercantile, Desiard St., streetcar
1545Howell, S. T. – 1977 (Ouachita Parich School Supt.)
1546Mangum, P. B.  – 1969
1547Manning, G. S.
1548Welch, George W. – Superintendent of Ed. 1943-
1549Brown, Timothy O. – Supt. 
1550Larche, Lucien N. – Supt. 10/5/1901 – 9/4/1905
1551Ouachita Parish School Board Members
1552Drew Elementary School
1553Hall, Milton C. – Supt. 1963-1968
1554Avants, Mack
1555Ward, W. W.
1556OPHS football team – 1922
1557West Monroe, Branch Library  (oldest) – 106 Cypress St.
1558Riverfront St. (Riverside Dr.), Monroe, LA – 2/3/32 Biedenharn, Vaughan, Oliver residences
1559Burnett, Ike  (slave from Africa, could not speak English, 103 years old, son John Burnett)
15601st Carver Branch Library (OPPL) – Odale McDonald, librarian
1561OPPL – main branch
1562Tom King’s boxing gear – 1932
1563Episcopal Church, Monroe, LA – faced Grammont
*1564Post Office, Monroe, LA original in SC
1565Original Anna Meyer Branch OPPL
1566Ballard, Diane
1567Bledsoe, Pat (yellow dress) – Anna Meyer branch
1568Ouachita Parish School Board, from A Pictorial History of Ouachita Parish, p. 30, LA.R 976.387
1569McLain home – from A Pictorial History of Ouachita Parish, p. 7, LA.R 976.387
1570LSU Rebels – Codbold, Montague, Abaham, Corgin, Shlosman – 12/5/89  55th Reunion
1571OPHS Class of 1936 Reunion – June, 1991
1572Yeldell, Berry O. 
1573Yeldell, Hunter Francis
1574Riverside Country Club (later became home of George Snellings)
1575Restaurant in Monroe 
1576Fuller, Sara Elizabeth – early 1900s
1577Arlington Plantation – East Carroll Parish, Lake Providence, LA 
1578United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) at Confederate Monument – Old City Cemetery
1579Antique Cars
1580OPPL staff – Wall, Crump, Schneider, McKeithen, Brown, Jr., Willis
1581Flood of 1912 – High Water at West Monroe, LA, 1912 – postcard
1582Drew & Morgan families
1583Larry Foreman & Elizabeth Garrison in SC  Room, 2006
1584Murphy, Gladys Emma & Taylor, Marilyn Keller (unidentified boy)
1585Confederate Veterans – 3 survivors of  the Pelican Grays – picture taken in 1906 or 07
1586Benton, Lida – “Standard-bearer for Monroe’s Youth”  The Hour Glass Vol 1 No.3     7/1/1933
1587Stubbs, India King – “Member of Jr. Charity League”  Monroe News Star 5/15/1934
1588Ouachita River
1589Filhiol-Watkins Cemetery in Ouachita Parish
1590Magenta Plantation Guest House
1591Sherman Family
1592Odalie McDonald & Francesta Hall -1985
1593Pabst beer bottles from Monroe
1594Odom, Clarence – 1929
1595Cascio, Victor with Marie & Joseph c. 1961
1596Harrison Street – picture made in 1917 during WW I; aka St. Annes Alley
1597Monroe Garden Club – Ouachita Citizen 1/2/1997 “Masur celebrates Christmas”
1598The Piatigorsky Foundation – established in 1990 in honor of renowned Russian cellist
1599Allen Pharmacy 1919
1600Whited, Sam
1601Nancy & Corbin Cooper
1602Theobold family
1603Monroe map can be found  on top of Oversize  Box 2  ?? Missing?
1604OPPL Staff – names & info on back of pictures
1605OPPL main branch
1606OPPL Carver branch
1607OPPL West Monroe branch on Cypress St.
1608OPPL Anna Meyer branch
1609OPPL West Ouachita branch – Cheniere
1610Night of 1000 Stars
1611Cascio’s Spaghetti Garden 1943
1612Photo Box 4   – OPPL Children’s Room Programs – Main branch & some other branches
1613Photo Box 5 – OPPL Staff Members – over many years
1614Jack Dempsey & Cascio family at Cascio’s Italian Village
1615Downs, Solomon Weathersbee
1616Historic Hall Home – 1515 Jackson St., Monroe, LA
1617Historic Keller Home – Holly St., Monroe, LA
1619OPPL Carver branch – Story Hour in 1951
1620Burns, Ollie – librarian, teacher, Christian values – News Star 7/3/1993
1621McDonald, Odalie Smith
1622Bradley, John Buckner family
1623Phillips, Bettie with Bezio, Winers, & Pratt
1624Greenville High School, MS
*1625E. W. Mealy photographsIn SC?
1626Oak Grove, LA  – early 1900s
1627Sartor, William Thomas
1628Olivee, Anna Eliz Hubb
1629Prophit, R. L.   Monroe Evening News World’s Fair Issue, 1893  Page 9, Column 2
1630Morehouse Parish – early 1900s
1631Wall, Katharine & Foreman, Larry
1632Green Mill Inn – 225 Walnut St. -late 40s -early 50s
1634Inzina family – Ouachita Mattress Co.
1635Steamboat Landing (Vicksburg, MS) sometime prior to 1890
1636Cherokee Ballroom a the top of the Frances Hotel
1637Roberson, Mary
1638Roberts, Nathan
1639Filhiol, Roland Muse & family
1640Lewis, Serena – librarian
1641Neville High School – original auditorium seats 1932
1642Petty, J. T. -ran the Calhoun Institute in 1892
1643Meto – boat trip 1919
1644Driskell, Hermione – SC
1645Bethel Baptist Church – Rev C. C. Bouie – Oct. 26, 1936
1647Dumas/Brooks family
1648OPPL Ouachita Valley branch
1649Barnes, Dixon, et al families
1650Johnson, Henrietta Windham
1651Means, Eldred Kurth
1652Noe, James Albert
1653Neville, Ernest Long
1654Wossman, Julia
1655Hesketh, Jack K.
1656Daughters of the War of 1812 – Flanders, Harris, Bell, Zoll, Bonin -Jan. 1987
1657Generation Span
1658Summerfest 2006
1659OPPL – Main branch 1985
1660Hill, Ernest
1661Smith, Jessie James
1662Jones, Dianne Keen with sons
1663Knott family
1664403 Louisville Ave.
1665La Henriana Beauty Shoppe
1666Flanders, Frances
1667S. Stanza, G. Washburn, Mrs. Ward
1668Clift, David
1669Wossman, Julia
1670Library officers – Jones, Carlstens, Cammack, Reedy
1671Flanders, Frances
1672Myatt baby
1673Huntsman, Johnny
1674Armstrong Cricket Farm
1675Kontrovitz, Rachel & Wall, Alison – 11 years old in 1992
1676McKeithen, John (Gov.) & wife, Marjorie Funderburk McKeithen – married June 14, 1942Heckford photo in SC
1677Colbert, Hilda I. – Pen & ink sketches of historic area  sites
1678OPHS Class of 1958 Reunion – June 11, 1988
1679Jack Hayes Elementary School – various events – J. R. Akins, Principal
1680OPHS Class of 1954 Reunion – June 23, 1984
1681Vines, Dwight & Jean; Lanny James & Mary Ann Riddle – 1980
1682Davis, Jimmie (Louisiana Gov. & muscian) -wearing blue suit; taken in 1989
1683Hope, Bob
1684Brant, Patricia
1685Page, Christi, Miss LA 1991 in black dress with Dr. Robert Jarrell in 1992
1686Stevens, Leila Doyle with her daughter, Leila Doyle Stevens Davenport
1687Coca-Cola tombstone – 5-4-2008 
1688McKeithen, John J.,  w/ Miss Sallie Farrell, signing proclamation of National Library Wk 1971
1689Oversized Box 3 – DeSiard Street, Monroe, LA (early years)
1690Hebert, Jean; Breard Annie Laurie & Sally; Flanders, Frances – Monroe Morning World 1/15/1939
1691Oversized Box 3 – Carter, Carol
1692Oversized Box 3 – Logan, Hoss
1693Oversized Box 3 – Haynes, Elizabeth
1694Oversized Box 3 – Miss Louisiana Pageant
1695Oversized Box 3 – West Monroe High School Rebel Raiders 
1696Oversized Box 3 – Miss Louisiana Pageant
1697Oversized Box 3 – McKeithen, John J. – photo by Billy Heckford
1698St. Mary Baptist Church – located on Congo St., Monroe in 1949
1699Fontana, Richard with out-of-towners
1700Ethridge, Louise – Tombstone in Old City Cemetery
1701Penn Hotel
1702OPPL Ouachita Valley branch – Marianne Salisbury Jones, Branch head; opening
1703Monroe Public Library – old building
1704OPPL – Main branch 1961 – Martin, Faught, Stubbs, Oxner, Drew, Williamson
1705OPPL – Main branch construction, 1958 – Flanders, Slater, Gorman
1706Flanders, Frances with Evans & Jones
1707Odell, Mrs. R. G., Asst. librairian at WM branch, withchildren Butler, Marston, Eaves, & Hood
1708OPPL – 3 girls looking at globe
1709OPPL – Main branch
1710OPPL- Powers, Marie in book repair room on Jackson Street
1711OPPL -Main branch – beginning of construction & finish
1712Bastrop, Baron de
1713OPPL – old books; old location
1714Delta Beta Sigma Sorority – Tau Chapter, Monroe – taken from The Beta magazine 1930s
1715Flanders, Frances – with Culver, Biendenharn & Shafto
1716Avant, Julia & Bookmobile, 1958
1717Cruse, Vera; Landreaux; Wilson in front of Bookmobile, 1958
1718Flanders, Frances & Mrs. William King Stubbs with gentleman in front of Bookmobile, 1958
1719Ridley Family – Maternal four generations Ridley Family
1720Ruffin, Minnie – Principal
1721Monroe Residence, sketch by Bettie Pfister, 1982
17222000 Riverside Drive, sketch
1723Lewis family – Rev. & Mrs. Lewis
1724Oversized Box 3 – Bayou DeSiard on NLU/ULM Campus
1725Oversized Box 3 – Miss Louisiana Pageant 1989
1726Oversized Box 3 – Miss Louisiana Pageant 1984
1727Ouachita Jr. High School students 1964 – Millwee, Jameson, Hensen, Walters, Mulhearn
1728Future Homemakers of America – OHHS 1964 -Wroten, Day, Jones, Wilson, Stinson, Diffey, Jones
1729Future Homemakers of America – OHHS 1964 – Club members with  Sponsor, Mrs. Florence Foster
1730Joyner, Rev. Lea – pastor of Southside United Methodist Church, Monroe, LA
1731Milner Motor Company, Inc. – Purcell collection – 200 Walnut St.
1732Milner-Fuller Motor Company, Inc. – Purcell collection – 200 Walnut St., Monroe
1733Oversized Box 3 – Logtown Plantation
1734Jimmie Davis Tabernacle on Louisiana 542 north of Jonesboro near Caney Lake – photo in 1989
*1735Reveille Seven (7 expelled from LSU for article they tried to publish about  Huey P. Long )
1736Inzina, Father Bob with parents
1737Anderson, Edward W.
1738Cook, Tom
1739Johnson, Lanny Supt. With teachers, c. 1985
1740Bastrop High School
1741Ouachita Parish School Board -Sims, Slusher, Camp, Hood?, Fant, Johnson, Russell, & ___
1742Boy Scout Rotary Rally – 1929
1743Charlotte Breard
1744Ouachita Parish Courthouse
1745Monroe City Cemetery
1746Consolidated Ice Company – stie of the old ice factory
1747Ouachita Parish High School (old) on South Grand St. – now Grand Plaza
1748Castle Hall
1749Rolland/Rowland Family
1050OJHS Cubettes 2005-2006
1751OJHS Cubettes 2006-2007
1752Ouachita Parish Grammar School Cubettes – 1957-58 – 1st Year
1753Jackson Street, Monroe, LA – before 1917 – St. Matthew’s on left, First Methodist at 219 Jackson 
1754Ouachita River – 2 bridges
1755Ouachita River – RR bridge & old iron bridge (Endom Bridge)
1757Layton Castle – Sept. 22, 1910
1758Natatorium – Salt Water, Monroe, LA
1760Hotel Monroe Annex, “Absolutely Fireproof”
1761Endom Bridge – entrance to Hwy bridge over Ouachita River, Monroe, LA
1762Paramount Theater
1763Snyder Museum and Art Center
1764Morehouse Veteran’s Memorial
1766Jackson Steet – railroad tracks in front of houses
1767Ouachita Parish High School (old)  – 1910 postcard
1768Cotton Hauling on the Ouachita River
1769Y.W.C.A. home – historic building, now owned by Wellspring
1770Layton Castle – photo Jan. 1977
1772Natatorium that replaced Salt Water Natatorium – photo from 1951 Selman Field Scrapbook
1773St. John Street – Hotel Virginia
1774Ouachita Parish High School (old)
1775Lapine train wreck
*1776Flood of 1932 – set of old postcards
1777407 DeSiard Street – Rain Salon & Day Spa
1778411 DeSiard Street – Willie’s B-B-Q Restaurant
1779OPHS Class of 1948 – 55th Class Reunion – April 25, 2003
1780OPHS Class of 1948 – 60th Class Reunion – April 26, 2008
1781OPHS Class of 1948 – 63rd Class Reunion – April 15-16, 2011
1782Monroe Colored High School 1924
1783Monroe Colored High School 1946
1784Wisner School Graduating Class in Monroe c. 1920 – replaced by Monroe Colored High in 1922
1785Jeannette Ackel – OPHS Class of 1940, LSDAR, DOC
1786Oversized Box 3 – Dance Hall at the Natatorium (1912)
1787Interstate 20 construction on Bry & South Grand Streets
1788OPHS Reunion – Class of 1941
1789Layton Castle – 5 photos
1790Whitehall Plantation c. 1840 – Union hospital during Civil War; former home of Gov. & Mrs. Noe
1791Flood of 1958 – Edith Price Photo Album
1792Dogtrot log house
1793Jack McCall – KNOE news & Good Morning Ark-LA-Miss prior to 1972
1794Forsythe Natatorium – 1932
1795Bynum House c. 1895 – 604 Grammont Street, Monroe, LA
1796Grammont Street – 604 & 608 homes
1797Oversized Box 3 – Fire Station No. 1
1798Central Savings Bank and Trust Company, 140 South Grand St., Monroe, LA – streetcar & buggies
1799Y.M.C.A. – Monroe, c. 1908
*1800Dabbs, James Muse – his mother was the granddaughter of Don Juan Filhiol
1801Flanders, Frances & Wheeler, A. – observe National Newspaper Week  (10/5/1956)
1802Maude & P.A. Poag – riding horses on Lovers Lane c. 1920s
1803Genusa’s Shoe Shop c. 1938 on 619 DeSiard St. – “Tony” & “Frank” Genusa
1804Smith, Reverend – conducting services in Monroe, LA in 1930s
1905Paramount Theater – snackbar
1806Neville High School Class of 1961 – 30th Reunion – Aug. 2-3 1991
*1807Warren, Hazel –  6/1/1892 – 9/25/1919; obituary: News-Star  9/25/19 P3, C3
1808First Black Marines 1942 – reunited in Monroe, LA on Nov. 28, 1992 – The Monroe Dispatch
*1810Bentrup, Maude M.
1811St. Joseph’s Nursing Home – under construction 8-15-1947
1812Barkdull Faulk Elementary – Mrs. Lindle’s 2nd grade  1957-58
1813McGuire, Thomas (Major)
1814First Baptist Church of Monroe – also St. Francis, Post Office, St. Matthew’s, Frances Towers
1815Breard, Robert McGuire, Sr. & family
1816First United Methodist Church Choir, West Monroe, 1955
1817Monroe Baseball Team –  a semi-pro team sponsored by the City in 1915
1818Red Onion Café
1819DeSiard Street Military Parade – 1940s 
1920Bruno’s Electric Shoe Shop – 106 No. 2nd St., Monroe, LA  (Art Alley)
1821Men’s Group Photo: Trousdales, Weaks, Haas, Masurs, Biedenharns
1822Louisville Pharmacy Prescription Dept. & delivey car
1823Lakeshore Pharmacy Cosmetics Dept. & outside view
1824Pierron, Walter -pharmacist
*1825Collegiate Shoppe – Fashion Center, Home of Grambling College -postcard 
1826Presley, Elvis – on the WMHS auditorium stage – February 8, 1955
1827Confederate Veterans, Monroe, LA – names & other info on back

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