The Legend of the Fencing Around Logtown Plantation

I took the three photos above back in 2007 on a tour of Logtown Plantation near Bosco, LA. The plantation itself was built by the grandson of Jean Filhiol, John Baptist Filhiol in the mid 1800’s. The story goes that John was in New Orleans and observed a man by the name of Avet, supervising a group of men tearing down fencing from around his home. John told Avet that the cypress wood fencing would look magnificent around his plantation home. Avet asked if he would like to have it. John answered in the affirmative, then went on his way. He didn’t think about it too much, until one day, several weeks later, back at his home, a steamboat from New Orleans stopped at Logtown landing and began to unload the white fencing. John promptly erected it around his home and there it has stood for over a hundred years!

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