An 1824 letter from Ouachita Parish

Ouachita  10th  Feby.  1824

Dear Robert,

                                      I received your letter by our last mail of the 24th July.and wrote by mail back and as the steim boat will go to town by time the letter will leave this place. I write again by the boat tho have nothing more to say of this time. We are all in good helth here and hope you injoy a shear of the same blessing. Joseph has been twice to the Mississippi since you left but has not got Landry as yet. he is still lying out and worse has got gal and child out with him. One of your other boys was awhile in the woods: with them but has come home. Joseph has been uneasy about them and is yet he talks of going over before long but I have advised him not as I will go over before long for the purpose of attending to my unpleasant business in that place and have said to J. I will do all I can for him there until you return.

I am in a pech of troubles here with Usheah to my place and know no what step to take. J. Bowie has covered my improvement a Spanish Richet lately and says he will hate it in spite of efforts. However I think I will try him officer of the turf if I get beaten –

 I am about luising a volunteer Rifle company in this Parish and am at loss for a copy of the Militia laws if a copy can be procured in Town I wish you would send it to me also if you can find anything like a Volunteer Rifle Exercise in town be so good to send it. I have got the infantary  exercise – but it will not answer for a Rifle company. I wrote in the other letter for com. Exposition but you would not send it.

  Jane is well and says she wishes to see you therefore hope you will come up when you return from town perhaps you had better send her some little things a nice pr. of shoes and stockings. She ought to have a bonnet you can put them in little trunk and send them up in the steim boat. If the boat can not stop here, send them to the care of Mr. H. Pargoud new church in Monroe he will receive them for us. Mr. P. will be in town this season. Perhaps before it will be to late for him to bring them up with him the two books if you get them can come up in the trunk for Jane if Pargoud bring them up or you send them up let him deliver them over to me –

I hope if any appointments should be wanting in the Parish that you think I will be capable of filling and it meets the approbation of our representation from this quarter you lend me your interest. I will write you from Natchez and let you know what is going on there as I shall go over before long. Tho you need not ______ to that place or any in that quarter will not be of long duration. But write me often to this place as I shall always be glad to hear from you particular while you are in New Orleans-  I would send to town for a number of articles but have not got money I sold my cotton in this place in the seed. Therefore am not able to send for anything. Franklin and myself  have got low here ,we have had one battle. And expect an other. If so it will be a sure one. Present my respects to Doct-Coburn, Mr. Morgan, Parker, and Doctor Smith. And should like to hear from them. Dear Robert may all things go well with you while in Town. And your standing in the Legislature Eaqual to any in the house.

I am with true esteem your sincere friend.

                                                                                                                Stephen C. Miller

P. S.                        Joseph’s son grows finaly and in perfect helth Sarah has taken three day fever an ague. I am better and all wishes to the _______ and  to you.

                                                                                                                                                S. C. M.

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