Early Monroe Homes Report, 1966

Here is another treasure from Nan Saulsberry! It is a report she did on the area's historic homes. The building's that are mentioned: O'Kelly House, Lower and Upper Pargoud Plantations, Fort Miro DAR Chapter House, Layton Place, Ingleside, Colonial Dames Museum [Isaiah Garrett Law Office], Boscobel, and the Filhiol Home. Keep in mind, some of … Continue reading Early Monroe Homes Report, 1966

The Legend of the Fencing Around Logtown Plantation

I took the three photos above back in 2007 on a tour of Logtown Plantation near Bosco, LA. The plantation itself was built by the grandson of Jean Filhiol, John Baptist Filhiol in the mid 1800's. The story goes that John was in New Orleans and observed a man by the name of Avet, supervising … Continue reading The Legend of the Fencing Around Logtown Plantation