Forsythe Park Racetrack

IMG_0004 (2)

Did you know Forsythe Park once had a horse racing track?  This clear photo was found in the photo archives of Ouachita Parish Public Library.  Before this clear photo, I had only seen grainy newspaper clippings!  It is said if you look real close,at the Municipal Golf Course, you may see the slight rise of one of the turns of the old track!

On the front page of the Cherryvale Daily News (Cherryvale, KS) of August 11, 1906 the racetrack was described like this:

   On the fair grounds, which have been enclosed, a standard half-mile, 80-foot wide race track a grand stand with a seating capacity of 2000, modern stables and other conveniences are being constructed.  The track will have perfect drainage and races can be run in two or three hours after a hard rain.  A municipal baseball park will also be a feature.

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