Monroe: The Parlor City

Did you know that Monroe once had the nickname of “The Parlor City”?  A long time ago, someone asked me how we got that nickname, and I remembered that I had once found that answer, but could not recall.  Many years later, I found the answer again, but now I can’t remember who asked!  Here is the article out of the Daily Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock), October 21, 1890, Page 8:

  Monroe’s pet name has been changed from the “Queen City” to the “Parlor City of the Ouachita,” at the suggestion of a correspondent in the last issue of the Telegraph-Bulletin, of this place, who says:

The State of Louisiana is an immense building, composed of many rooms, the towns and cities within her borders recognized as those compartments.  Monroe is recognized as the healthiest, neatest, best laid out, most progressive town int he State, with the most brilliant future before it.  

” The location is excellent, her citizens are liberal, progressive and hospitable, therefore, in view of these facts, I nominate Monroe as “the Parlor City of Louisiana” and respectfully submit the title for the approval of her progressive citizens.”

I noticed that in the Weekly Town Talk (Alexandria, LA) of October 25 they quipped, “The next thing we know the T.-B. will have this motto floating: “Come into my Parlor said the spider to the fly, ” etc.”

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