The Earliest Hotel in Monroe.

Mississippi Free Trader (Natchez, MS) August 26, 1836, Page 3


The subscriber offers this house to the patronage of the public.  It is well located, being directly opposite to the Receiver’s office, and only a very short distance from the Register’s.

If personal attention, obliging servants, good beds, and as good a table as the country will afford, will entitle him to it, he respectfully asks a share of their support.  He promises his house will always be orderly and quiet, where the Traveller [sic] will be certain to obtain Rest, free from noise and confusion.  The bar is always supplied with the choicest of liquors, wines of all kinds, French cordials and brandy fruits, London and Philadelphia porter and ale, New Ark cider, best Havana segars, [sic] and best Richmond, Va. Chewing tobacco.  He guarantees the above articles to be inferior to none to be had in any other house in the state.


Henry O’Neal McEnery built Magenta plantation (which became Spanish Village).  It was torn down in 1970.  Henry was the father of James Douglas, Henry O, Jr., Mary Ann, John Caroline H., Louisa K. and Samuel D. McEnery.  Samuel Douglas McEnery became Governor of Louisiana.    John was also elected governor, but not allowed to serve in 1872.  Henry, Sr. died in New Orleans March 15, 1857.

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