Abraham Morhouse resigns from the Orleans Legislature.

This is the earliest reference to Ouachita Parish in national papers that I have found.  Abraham Morhouse, of course,  bought land from the Baron de Bastrop and settled in what would become Morehouse parish.  The parish was named for him and the extra e was added to the name.  He was a representative to the legislature when Ouachita was still a county, and part of the territory of Orleans.  Monroe was still just a fort along the Ouachita river!  Some of the article was missing.  Also, back then, the letter s was spelled with an f.  For clarity, I used the modern spelling.

The Mississippi Messenger (Natchez, MS) December 3, 1805, Page 1



Friday, November 8.

A letter was received by the Speaker, from Abraham Morehouse, a member from the county of Ouachitta, which was read as follows:


Of the Honorable House of Representatives for

The Territory of Orleans.


SOME important communications, that I received per yesterday’s mail, renders it …ible that I should attend to them… ; I must therefore withdraw… om your honorable body, as a re…ative from the county of Ouachitta.  … doing this, I am of opinion, that I can by no means injure my constituents, as by the superior population of the southern counties, they have it in their power to carry any question that may come before there house.  But I am in hopes they will use this power for the general good.

I shall communicate my resignation to his Excellency the Governor, that he may issue a new writ of election, at any time he may judge proper ; Although I shall think it my duty to recommend to the citizens of my county, not to fend a member or members, until, by increase of population, more weight may be attached to their opinions, or until the Territory shall by law be divided into, and voted by districts, for the appointment of a Legislative Council.

Please to communicate these sentiments to your honorable body,

And believe me,

With great respect,

                        Your ob’t serv’t,


New-Orleans, Nov. 8th, 1805.

The reading being finished it was ordered to lie on the table.


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