The First Charlie Chaplin Movie shown in Monroe.

News-Star, February 2, 1915

In 1915, there was a new comedy star on the horizon, known as Charles Chaplin. His Little Tramp character was only about a year old at the time. This was the first ad I could find of a movie in Monroe with Charlie as a headline….However, it may not have been the first Chaplin film shown in Monroe.

Monroe News-Star, July 10, 1914

In 1914, Mabel Norman was the hottest movie star in the world. She was also Charlie’s co-star in his early pictures. In fact, in 1914, Charlie debuted his “Little Tramp” character in a Mabel Norman picture called, “Mabel’s Strange Predicament”. It makes me wonder if the above ad for one of her pictures was for that very movie!

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