The Diary of Martha Frances Surghnor 1886 – 1899 Part I

Long ago, someone typed a transcript of the diary of Martha F. Surghnor.  She lived in Monroe and was buried in the Old City Cemetery.  She details the comings and goings in Monroe during this time and I’ll share some of the interesting genealogical tidbits I found over the next few days:

“Since I have lived in this house it is astonishing how many have died from here to river, and other side of streets branching off.

Mrs. Sigmond Meyers, Mrs. Solomon Meyers, Mr. Hoffman, Mrs. Millior, Charley Raxet, Mrs. Col. Richardson, Little Jim and Dan Richardson, Mary Richardson, Nameless Richardson, Mrs. Smith 1, Mrs. Smith 2, Willie Smith, Jim Dull, Mrs. Calderwood, Mrs. Calderwood Baby, Mr. Oliver, Garrett McKenna, —- McKenna, Mamie McKenna, Mrs. Weil and Baby, Mrs. Day, James baby, Mags baby, Carslile baby, Mr. Vanderburg, Johnny Vanderburg, 2 strangers, Mr. Surghnor, Mr. Larkin, Mrs. Fullam, Mrs. Shaven 1, Mr. Shaven, Benny Shaven, Joe Shaven, Mamie Fullman, Johnnie Fullman, —- Riley, Mr. Ezelius, Mr. Ezelius’ nephew, Strangers at Mrs. Ezelius, Mr. Spahn, Mrs. Spahn, Mrs. Russel, Emily Russel, Emily Russel’s baby, Emily Russel’s sister, mr. Atkins, Mrs. Gayle (Lucy), Mrs. Atkins, Cornelius Larkin, Ennie Larkin, Josie Cover (at Gibson_, Dan Richarson, John Norman, Ada Walsten and baby, Shoofly (Queenie), Mrs. Rauxet, Margurite Logan, Mrs. Logan, Mrs. O’Kelly, Henry O’Kelly, Mrs. Voss, Mr. Harris, Mays Babie, George Ezelius, Old man Black, Mr. Allen.

Jan. 21, 1886:  “Poor Mrs. Atkins, died last night after having been bedridden for over sixteen years.  Her disease first began hurting in her feet, and from that went over her body, being first called Rheumatism.”

     “I imagine that her freed spirit is very happy to-day in a reunion with such old friends as Mrs. McGuire, Judge and Mrs. Lamy, and all these old friends.”

Feb. 5, 1886:  “To-day one of those horrible railroad accidents happened for which this road is famous.  Poor old Aunt Liza Logan was literally torn to pieces.  Her heart and liver were found lying on the road.”

April 8th:  “Monroe is all excited to-day on account of election of Mayor.  Endom and Allen being candidated.  Endom is drunk to-day, and his side all acting very ugly, set of drunken rowdies, inst. and hoodlums.”

August 23rd:  “There is another heart broken mother to-day.  Mrs. McFee and her children are bowed in anguish at the sudden and painful death of Frank, the good son and brother, their help, their dependence.  Poor John little thought when Frank full of vigor and health, went to him to bring him a corpse perhaps, that Frank would go so soon and he, the poor sickly one, be left.”

Aug. 24th, 1886:  “Barry Stubbs was buried to-day.  He died of the terrible Typhoid.  A few days ago there died the two Misses Walkins leaving another home desolate.  What a sad world it is and how happy they who died young.”

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