The Diary of Martha Frances Surghnor Part II

March 6th, 1887:  “Since last writing, John McFee, the twin brother of Frank who was killed August 23, has died.  It was just six months after Franks death,.  He died in San Antonio Texas.  Strange that both died away from home.”

  “Ada Vanderburg is going to marry Walsten in June.  Will probably do well.”

March 18th  “Etta Conner marries very soon to Charley Shultz.”

August 24th, 1888:  “Just over the leaf is an entry about Ada Vanderbhurg proposed marriage.  The marriage took place April 12th, 1887, and on the 21st , of next March she died after the birth of fine girl baby.  Poor Ada!”

”  Etta married and also was unfortunate in losing her baby a boy.”

“We had a big fire in “Five Points” supposed to be the work of Sid Saunders.”

“There was a storm of unprecedented fury on the southern coast of Mississippi and Louisiana.  It caused terrible devastation and suffering in extream [sic] southern Louisiana.  Texas escaped.  In the year 1856 there was a very severe storm in same region which swept away every thing from Lost Isle.  A lady from Monroe who was a Miss Snow, married Capt. Sims and was spending her honeymoon at Last Island, was saved with her husband by clinging to a post which had been firmly planted as to resist the waves.  Her clothing was all whipped off and the sailors who found her wrapped her in some of their clothing, tarpaulines I believe they called them.  It is said that a lady who was saved from Lost Island was at Grand Isle this time but I do not know if it were the same.”

February 5, 1889:  “News has come that Georgia O’Kelly died today at Delta, on her way home.  Poor Georgia and poor little children.  Corinne and Ollie bel have gone to Mrs. Lezares for violets for a wreath.”

“S.W. Saunders (the fire bug) shot himself last Thursday night (31st) and was buried on the 3rd.  There is no doubt about his being the incendiary last summer, and appearances were much against him in the three fires.”

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