Southern Cross of Honor

In 1899, the United Daughters of the Confederacy created a commemorative medal called the Southern Cross of Honor.  It was a pin bestowed by the UDC to all known Confederate Veterans who had served honorably.  The records of metals bestowed by the Monroe Chapter were kept by Mrs. Veneta V. DeGraffenreid.  Around 1984 they were placed in the care of Mrs. Nyleen Bell, who was the president of the Ouachita Rangers Chapter UDC.  She copied and transcribed them, and gave the originals to the State Archives in Baton Rouge.  The Genealogy Department of the Ouachita Parish public Library has the copies of those records in book form, call number GC 976.3 Sou.  The men whose applications are included are listed below.

William Henry Awl
John James Bennett
Robert Perry Benson, Sr.
Thomas Owen Benton
Edwin Augustus Boies, Sr.
John G. Boutz
William Joseph Bowman
Joseph Washington Carlton
Carey Harrison Cloyd, Jr.
Howard Robert Davis
Patrick Henry Donovan
Harvey Clark Downs
William H. Duff
William G. Dunn
Marion J. Duty
Hardy Holmes Filhiol
John G. Goodson
John Hampton Graham
William Miles Grant
Edmond Randall Guyton
Isaac T. Hamilton
John Ewing Hanna
William Albert Harrington
Solomon T. Henry
Samuel “Sam” William Hill
John Baynard Honeycutt
Elijah M. Hornbeak
Robert J. Hutson
Lonam G. Johnston
Douglas H. Key
Andrew J. Madden
James M. Maxey
Travis McClendon
Joseph H. McCormick
Elias W. “Eli” Mealy
John A. Meek
George W. Miller
Alexander Myatt
Edmond F. Newman
Jonathan E. Newman
William A. O’Kelly
Charles Henry Peevy
Leonidas Napoleon Polk
Edgar N. Potts
William Napoleon Potts
Rufus K. Ragland
Jefferson Worth Ray
Wiley Polk Renwick
Robert Richardson
Edward H. Rills
James Gilmore Sandidge
William John Calderwood Scriber
William G. Shelton
Ira J. Spence
Peyton Malachi Spear
James M. Stafford
William Allyn Strong
Francis Peter Stubbs
Prosper Trouard
Prosper Trouard
Frederick “Fred” Vollman
George Wear
Bluford Westbrook
Americanus Willis
Jessie M. Womack
Walter S. Wright

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