Confederate Soldiers buried in Three Cemeteries

As an addenda to yesterday’s post, I found this list in the back of the Southern Cross of Honor book.  Apparently, in 1911, the UDC compiled a list of those confederate soldiers buried in the three downtown Monroe cemeteries.  I don’t know why they left out Hasley.  There are lots of spelling errors in the names.  For instance, Monroe’s black sheep, Sidney W. Saunders is listed as S.W. Sanders!

List of CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS that are known

to be buried in the three cemeteries located

in Monroe, Louisiana


City Cemetery.

Cleudenning, Jno. No. 31

Calderwood, Dr. J.N. No. 41

Curtis, No. 17

Dinkgrave, Ben. No. 32

Endom, R.H., No. 33

Farmer, W.W., No. 22

Forrester, G.W., No. 23

Head, D.T., No. 9

Hotchins, Major, No. 7

James, Mark. No. –

Johnson, L.G., No. 40

Lewis, Chandler, No. 6

McCranie, G.W., No. 8

Meyer, Louis.  No. 35

Mitchell, Dr. Alex. No. 15

Morrison, C.H., No. 11

Munholland, Rev. C.T. No. 36

Newman, Dr., No. 10

Oakes, W.T., No. 24

Renwick, W.W., No. 45

Richardson, Col. Robt. No. 21

Richmond, T.S., No. 20

Rhodes, W.S., No. 43

Saunders, Frank, No. 50

Shields, L.S., No. 37

Stafford, J.M., No. 19

Stewart, Jno. K., No. 12

Shook[?], No. 34

Wood, S.A., No. 46

Unknown Man, Large Oak Tree.  No. 30

Graves Not Located.

Deman, Joseph C.

Drago, Jno.

Dinkgrave, H.

Hemken, R.B.

Graves With Tomb Stones.

Allen, W.W.

Batte, G.L.

Bell, J.T.

Bofenschen, Chas.

Caldwell, R.J.

Conner, T.N.

Duncan, Joseph C.

Eanes, Thomas

Ensminger, Geo.

Essick, Geo.

Garrett, Franklin

Garrett, Isiah

Graham, J.H.

Graves, J.L.

Mangham, T.S.

Mealey, E.W.

McCullough, C.

McFee, G.W.

Milling, J. [H.]

Moise, H.

Moody, Jas. W.

Muir, J.R.

Nelson, James L.

Newman, Edward D.

Newman, Dr.

Parker, P.G.

Richardson, Dr. T.P.

Richardson, Dr. Wm.

Sanders, S.W.

Sanders, Jno. G.

Simmons, Dr. J.T.

Slack, S.L.

Stewart, Geo. W.

Stubbs, Col. F.P.

Surghnor, L.W.

Tatum, Sam

Theobalds, W.T.

Turner, F.N.

Catholic Cemetery.

Fullam, Jno., No. 13

Fullam, Richard, No. 25

Filhiol, Hardy, No. 29

Garretson, J.B., No. 42

Heard, W.A., No. 48

Johnson, Robt., No. 39

O’Kelley, Henry, No. 49

O’Kelley, W., No. 51

Stack, Thomas, No. 4

Graves With Tomb Stones.

Benoit, Joe

Bonar, Jno.

McEnery, Jas. D.

Mooney, Jno.

Ryan, Jno.


Jewish Cemetery.

King, Simon

King, Godleib

King, Henry

Kuhn, Samu’l

Meyer, Herman

Meyer, Sigmond

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