The Red Knights: An Unknown Confederate Unit

While browsing along the other day, I stumbled across this little document found in the Boston Anthenaum. It has no date on it, but it clearly was printed during the Civil War. It was calling on local men in the Monroe area to organize a rifle company to fight the Federal army (I won’t use the language they used). I had never in my life heard of the Red Knights! The names of the three men at the bottom are very familiar to me. One was a mayor of Monroe! I wonder if they ever organized? Look at it here:

2 thoughts on “The Red Knights: An Unknown Confederate Unit

  1. H. O. McEnery was a Surgeon in the 4th Louisiana Battalion. He enlisted in Monroe in May of 1862. The attempt to organize the Red Knights had to have been prior to that. Interesting article.

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  2. Interesting find. I would agree that the Red Knights either never formed or were absorbed into the Louisiana 4th.

    H O McEnery and Robert J Caldwell were to become brothers-in-law. Caldwell married Caroline McEnery, H O’s sister and and also sister to John McEnery who was the commander on staff of the La 4th Battalion.

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