Lenwil School

If you have any friends or relatives that may have gone to school at Lenwil in West Monroe back in the 40’s to 50’s, you may want to look at these! These came from a Lenwil P.T.A. scrapbook, and show mothers, students and faculty/staff of the school. An added bonus is an aerial shot of the community of Bawcomville/Brownsville.

One thought on “Lenwil School

  1. I don’t mean to completely change the subject, but I guess I am, I would be interested in knowing more info about Mitchell Elementary in West Monroe. I think Thomas Mitchell was the gentleman who it was named after, but I can’t find much info on him. The school is gone now and there is a park in it’s place. Gator Park. You would think that the park could have been named Mitchell Park anyway instead of naming it after a generic alligator.


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