Lover’s Lane

Lover’s Lane in Monroe

Last week’s post from that 1835 trip, had me thinking about the legend of those Catalpa trees on Lover’s Lane. I did some hunting on the website and found the two below articles. Sure enough, the legend is wrong! The trees were NOT planted by Pargoud, but by Henry Bry for Girard’s plantation! They were a heck of a lot older than we thought too! If they were mentioned way back in 1835, the trees were very old!

The Opelousas Patriot (12 June 1845)

Again upon a visit to Monroe in the neighboring parish of Ouachita, we were struck with the beauty of an avenue of CATALPAS, bordering the lane approaching the residence of Judge Bry; the trees were flourishing finely, presenting a thrifty appearance, although for years they had served the purpose of posts, into which the rail timber was let by morticing [sic] at the necessary intervals.

The trees were thus made to perform useful service while at the same time a most grateful shade was afforded the passing traveller [sic].

The Monroe News-Star (24 Dec 1932) for the Jes’ Ramblin’ column.

The trees were NOT planted by Pargoud but by Pargoud’s uncle, a Mr. Girod. And if you “ain’t a-believin’ me then just consult Miss Lida Benton, because she has the papers on it.

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