A Description of Island DeSiard

The following beautiful article was written in 1890 by a female resident of the "Island" this area is roughly where Sterlington is now. The island is bordered by the Ouachita River and Bayous Bartholomew and DeSiard. Be warned: There is some racially insensitive language towards the end. The Times-Democrat (New Orleans, LA) April 13, 1890, … Continue reading A Description of Island DeSiard

A New York Lawyer Describes the Duels He Has Seen

This is a very interesting article. Most of the described incidents took place outside the parish/state but there are a couple of Ouachita Parish incidents that he describes. During the time period he describes, men dueled at the slightest perceived insult. No one thought anything of it! I added footnotes in for clarification. The Times-Democrat … Continue reading A New York Lawyer Describes the Duels He Has Seen

The Filhiol Family’s Claim to Hot Springs Arkansas

Did you know that Jean Baptist Filhiol and his descendants had a claim to the Arkansas Hot Springs? The fight in the courts lasted for generations, but ultimately it was denied. The Times-Democrat (New Orleans, LA) February 24, 1890, Page 1 WASHINGTON. Louisiana Claimants to Hot Springs Reservation. Special to The Times-Democrat.             WASHINGTON, Feb. … Continue reading The Filhiol Family’s Claim to Hot Springs Arkansas

More on the Calhoun Experimental Station

This one was written three years earlier than the previous article. It goes into a very detailed description of what the station was doing. The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, LA) February 17, 1890, Page 7 EXPERIMENT STATION. An Institution of Incalculable Value to the Farmers of Louisiana. The Station at Calhoun – Its History, Workings and … Continue reading More on the Calhoun Experimental Station

Calhoun Experimental Station

The recent controversy over what to do with the land that was once the LSU Research Center in Calhoun, got me to thinking about what is known about it. The following description and photo engravings were included in the 1893 Worlds Fair Edition of the Monroe Evening News. AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION, CALHOUN.             Owing to … Continue reading Calhoun Experimental Station

Garrett and Munholland Law Office, Circa 1895

Take a look at this Monroe photo, part of the Franklin Garrett Papers at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: https://dc.lib.unc.edu/cdm/singleitem/collection/05ddd/id/478397 . The photo is misidentified as the 1870's. At first, when I saw it, I thought it was the old Isaiah Garrett Law office. The more I compared the two buildings, the more I … Continue reading Garrett and Munholland Law Office, Circa 1895