Students in Other Parish schools

Last week, I told you about the Monroe Academy, a Leland University affiliate private school for African-American students at the turn of the last century. Leland had affiliate schools all over Louisiana in the 1890s and 1900s and some Ouachita Parish students were sent to these other schools! If the student lived in the western … Continue reading Students in Other Parish schools

Students and Faculty of the North Louisiana Industrial Institute

The bulletin for Leland University I found these lists of students in, can be seen on the Internet Archives here : . I also found them digitized on the Hathi Trust page and on the Worldcat database. I transcribed from each brochure the list of students, which added up to around 2,300 names! What … Continue reading Students and Faculty of the North Louisiana Industrial Institute

Monroe’s Ties to a Lost Black University

I am just recently hearing about a private school for African-Americans that was here in the 1890's and the early 1900's. To call out my own biases, I thought that Wisner Colored High School was the only school for African Americans during this time period. I knew of at least one small private school, but … Continue reading Monroe’s Ties to a Lost Black University

Lincoln School

This picture is amazing! It shows the faculty and staff of Lincoln School, which was an African American school during segregation. In 1962 or so, the Elm Street Elementary School was renamed Lincoln Elementary and the old Lincoln School became Carroll Jr. High. I am not sure if this Lincoln Elementary or Carroll Jr. … Continue reading Lincoln School

Ouachita Parish School Board, 1965-1966. A similar picture to this one in our collection was found in the 1966 West Monroe High School yearbook, the Rebelaire. It identified the men in the photo as: seated from left to right: William Ray, T. W. Golson, J. A. Rutledge, Dwight Owens, J. H. Trousdale, Jr., Mrs. G. M. Snellings, Jr., M. … Continue reading Ouachita Parish School Board, 1965-1966.

George Riser – South Monroe Jr. High School’s first principal

George Riser was a beloved educator in the local school system for many years. His family has donated some of his things to our collection. This photo was found among them: . South Monroe Jr. High became Thomas Jefferson Jr. High and is now known as Jefferson Elementary.

1927 Flood Picture at Riverview Cemetery

The photographer (Griffin?) took the shot standing at the entrance of Riverview Cemetery looking down South Grand Street during the 1927 flood. Fox Poultry Farms is on the right. Newspaper ads stated it was located at 3700 South Grand. I looked at the site on Google maps but all that marks the spot is a … Continue reading 1927 Flood Picture at Riverview Cemetery

St. Matthew Catholic Church and St. Hyacinth Academy

I was lucky enough to win this postcard last year, which shows St. Matthew Catholic Church and St. Hyacinth School on the left. St. Matthew still stands on the corner of Jackson and Grammont streets. The building did not get the church tower until 1917. The first brick for the church was laid in May, … Continue reading St. Matthew Catholic Church and St. Hyacinth Academy