Burton/Good Citizen Funeral Home Index

Part of the collection of the Ouachita Parish Public Library’s Genealogy Department are copies of funeral home records. Included are records for the above two funeral homes, from 1954 – 1978. Many years ago, a name index was compiled. The following names are included:

NamePage #Book #
?, Arthur111Book A
?, Charley123Book A
?, James169Book A
Adams, Alice120Book A
Adams, Lillie12Book B
Adams, Mandy235Book B
Ahley, Lena173Book A
Akins, Estelle216Book A
Alexander, Ella22Book A
Alexander, Kevin (baby)203Book B
Alexander, Mrs. Annie247Book A
Allen, Charlie68Book A
Allen, Laura49Book A
Anderson, Delliand65Book A
Anderson, Eli147Book B
Anderson, Mose76Book B
Anderson, Mrs. Lue Fannie244Book A
Anding, Mrs. Catherine260Book A
Ashley, Wilbert120Book B
Atkins, Lizzie Lee75Book B
Austian, Emmett96Book A
B?, Gillie154Book A
Badger, Lonnie Ray262Book B
Bailey, Susie63Book B
Baker, Beatrice Briggs74Book B
Baker, Octavia147Book A
Barley, Will255Book A
Bartlett, Lucretia19Book A
Barty, Annie75Book A
Beckels, Oscar199Book B
Bell, Willie64Book B
Bickwith, Zela44Book A
Blanch, Lousane35Book A
Blanks, Will137Book A
Blo?, Agusta P.275Book A
Block, Mrs. Lillie264Book A
Bloom, Mary166Book B
Bloom, Morris117Book B
Bomman, Huey271Book A
Bomman, Huey (voided)270Book A
Bosely, Henry91Book B
Bowie, John232Book B
Boyd, James11Book A
Branch, Ezra Foote71Book A
Brandley, Eliza123Book B
Brantley, Aaron93Book B
Breckenridge, Ida192Book B
Brice, Arlissia278Book A
Brim, Phillip239Book A
Brisco, John James20Book B
Brisco, Sam43Book B
Brock, Emma60Book B
Brock, Will9Book B
Brown, Baby Cassondra Jean85Book B
Brown, Corrine161Book A
Brown, Faye Wanda87Book A
Brown, Pearl289Book B
Brown, Robert Ronald17Book A
Brown, Sylvester184Book A
Buford, Dave111Book B
Burke, Blanche76Book A
Burton, Ben283Book A
Burton, Bessie197Book B
Butler, Agnes95Book B
Calloway, Leon112Book B
Carelig?, Robert Earl89Book B
Carr, Beddie29Book A
Carroll, Phyllis55Book A
Carroll, Phyllis57Book A
Carter, Ella M.41Book B
Carter, Lee Roy138Book B
Carter, Mary276Book B
Carthnos, Johnny Ray31Book A
Cassey, Ray27Book A
Caston, Floyd136Book B
Causey, Willie Mae104Book A
Chase, John47Book B
Chavies, Henry240Book B
Childs, Bob6Book B
Clark, Fred94Book A
Clark, Fred95Book A
Clark, Louise289Book A
Clarke, Robert Lee46Book B
Clemon, Ema B.257Book A
Cleveland, Willie285Book B
Cline, James209Book B
Colbert, Clara150Book B
Cole, John D.5Book B
Colease, Frank53Book A
Coleman, Angelin M.99Book B
Collings, Alice90Book A
Collins, Eli270Book B
Collins, Sam125Book A
Colman, Virginia170Book B
Colmon, Emmet R.295Book A
Conerly, Infant72Book A
Conley, Henry255Book B
Conley, Willie67Book B
Cook, Robert93Book A
Cook, stillborn twins (Louis, father)61Book B
Cook, stillborn twins (Louis, father)62Book B
Coon, Ella238Book A
Cooper, Bowden31Book B
Cooper, Sherioty293Book A
Copling, Willie42Book A
Copper, Jess100Book B
Cornzlia, Taylor52Book B
Courtney, Lillie or Lillie, Cortney169Book B
Covington, Louise116Book A
Crease, Daisy196Book B
Croan, infant Debra Ann214Book A
Crockett, Robert Terry18Book B
Croom, Larry Darrell224Book B
Cruise, Leda106Book A
Culpper, Sallie20Book A
Cunningham, Senea25Book B
Curry, Marlee151Book A
Dacutur, Albert277Book A
Dalton, Stan13Book A
Daniels, Mattie254Book B
Darden, Rev Miles259Book A
Darley, Howard218Book A
Datray, Donald Kay87Book B
Davenport, Catherine157Book B
Davis, Amos280Book A
Davis, Charlie240Book A
Davis, Frank198Book B
Davis, James162Book A
Davis, Matt32Book B
Davis, Ronald79Book B
Dean, Hellen26Book B
Debrese, Johnie243Book A
Delitha, Grady79Book A
Demery, Robert290Book A
Dennis, L.B.284Book B
Dixon, Helen90Book B
Dixon, Linda Gail296Book A
Dixon, Lloyd278Book B
Dolphine, Richard124Book B
Dossey, Victoria55Book B
Douglas, Bonnie Marie166Book A
Douglas, Clem91Book A
Downs, Johnny Elden135Book A
Downs, Johnny Elden136Book A
Draper, Alberta202Book B
Drayton, Willie141Book B
Ducan, Robert Lee236Book A
Duncan, Margaret125Book B
Duncan, Napoleon69Book A
Duncan, Napoleon70Book A
Duncan, Tom272Book B
Dunlap, Flora May89Book A
Dunn, Charlie14Book A
Dwight, Y or V. Jean146Book A
Edward, Anna212Book A
Edward, Mrs. Elizabeth44Book B
Elliott, Will57Book B
Elzie, Zerline85Book A
Ester, Leza231Book A
Fairley, Kevin236Book B
Field, Ella287Book B
Fields, Mrs. Mary3Book B
Finley, Martha258Book A
Fogy, Joe124Book A
Ford, Ned249Book A
Forter, Baby241Book A
Foster, Amanda203Book A
Foster, Brenda219Book A
Foster, Glenda221Book A
Foster, Linda220Book A
French, Pearl94Book B
French, Rosie114Book A
Friend, Mary101Book A
Gaelley, Silas167Book A
Gage, Lonnie Jr.142Book B
Gain, W.T. Jr.70Book B
Gains, Tommy56Book B
Garth, Jonas Melvin77Book B
Gary, Georgie229Book A
Gayfield, Rachel247Book B
Gibbs, Minnie Lou30Book B
Gibson, Connie170Book A
Gill, Percy Jr.26Book A
Glandy, Tletta282Book A
Godfrey, V.E.61Book A
Gosey, Erma Lee273Book A
Gospel, Frank174Book A
Graham, Gertie149Book A
Graham, Josephus217Book B
Graham, Sarah C. “Sallie”134Book B
Gray, Alex202Book A
Gray, Azzia165Book B
Green, Leroy195Book A
Griffin, Clifton Lee Jr.38Book B
Groose?, Son261Book B
Guice, Henry Sr.129Book A
Gullys, Grace205Book B
Gunderson, Burrel224Book A
Gunn, Eliza5Book A
Guy, LaDent78Book B
H?, Minnie196Book A
Hall, Ararie130Book B
Hall, Nonnie38Book A
Hamburg, Elizabeth173Book B
Hampton, Michell Wayne132Book B
Handy, Peter146Book B
Handy, Will45Book A
Hannibal, Julia97Book A
Harden, Doc188Book B
Hardy, Obie Jr.206Book B
Harrell, Philip152Book B
Hawkins, Joe Dewitt13Book B
Hawkins?, Annie157Book A
Henderson, Marcus Calvin151Book B
Henderson, Wesley Jr.103Book B
Hendricks, Nettie B.273Book B
Henstry, Mrs. Betty253Book A
Herman, Lizzie279Book B
Hester, Albert220Book B
Hester, Mattie252Book B
Higgins, Katie12Book A
Hill, Edward Horce154Book B
Hill, Lee119Book A
Hill, Mrs. Carrie42Book B
Hill, Will34Book B
Hilton, Arthur43Book A
Hilton, Jack156Book A
Hiner, Mrs Ida252Book A
Hines, Willie204Book B
Holland, Savanah264Book B
Hollen, George E.98Book A
Hollins, Edna121Book A
Hollis, Mattie113Book B
Holmen, Rosa Marie33Book A
Holmes, Hannah14Book B
Holts, Lucy101Book B
Hommack, Ivy115Book B
Horne, Perry Wayne286Book A
Horton, Ed112Book A
Hubbard, Bettie133Book B
Hudson, Infant47Book A
Huey, Agnes122Book A
Hughes, Deborah Lyne191Book A
Hughes, Rosie Lee Goins139Book B
Hupken, Alice127Book A
Hutchinson, Johnny134Book A
Hymen, E.99Book A
J?, Alexander148Book A
Jackson, Edward N.106Book B
Jackson, Eliza E.168Book A
Jackson, Hattie117Book A
Jackson, Janie209Book A
Jackson, Mrs Millie Mable49Book B
Jackson, Mrs. Priscilla22Book B
Jackson, Pearlie207Book B
Jackson, Prince194Book B
Jackson, Rebecca137Book B
Jackson, Simma?82Book B
Jackson, Willie138Book A
Janner, Mrs. Elberta246Book A
Jenson, Infant51Book A
Jenson, Vedona50Book A
Joast, Mollie155Book A
John, Gussie165Book A
Johnson, Albert74Book A
Johnson, Albert256Book A
Johnson, Alice232Book A
Johnson, Amos Jr.257Book B
Johnson, Annie B.160Book A
Johnson, Arthur291Book A
Johnson, Baby Boy222Book A
Johnson, Carrie122Book B
Johnson, Curtis68Book B
Johnson, Elizabeth80Book A
Johnson, Eula Ford263Book A
Johnson, Frank (Jonnie)274Book B
Johnson, Gertrude28Book B
Johnson, Hattie Lee297Book A
Johnson, Lule142Book A
Johnson, Malinda287Book A
Johnson, Many216Book B
Johnson, Mary269Book A
Johnson, Mary284Book A
Johnson, Nancy17Book B
Johnson, O.D.115Book A
Johnson, Robert143Book A
Johnson, Rohley210Book A
Johnson, Savannah30Book A
Johnson, Simmil?23Book B
Jonas, Newton153Book B
Jones, Annie149Book B
Jones, Annie161Book B
Jones, Azelea182Book B
Jones, Estella92Book A
Jones, Gabrielle239Book B
Jones, Lee Ella214Book B
Jones, Lou286Book B
Jones, Michael Wayne208Book A
Jones, Thelma Rosalie143Book B
Jumes, Willie251Book A
Kelley, Maggie215Book A
Kelly, Ethel179Book B
Kelly, Hilton279Book A
Kelly, Ned Lee258Book B
Kelly, Wilie Lee145Book B
Key, John186Book B
Keys, baby (father John)15Book B
Killian, Vannie62Book A
Killion, Rosy B.65Book B
King, Charlie2Book A
King, Ella228Book B
King, Julius130Book A
Knot, Magdalene2Book B
Kroll, Roger153Book A
Kyles, Ehtel Mae F.205Book A
Lauders, Sallie105Book A
LeBar, Eddie Jr.105Book B
Lee, Cara Bell191Book B
Lee, Katie189Book B
Lee, Mrs. Willie37Book B
Leuvina?, Sam21Book A
Lewis, Annie69Book B
Lewis, Crosby210Book B
Lewis, George282Book B
Lewis, Infant Dayton190Book A
Lewis, James152Book A
Lewis, Louise66Book B
Lewis, Velma Lee24Book A
Lexey, Callie179Book A
Lincoln, Dora269Book B
Long, Amandy51Book B
Louines, Regina98Book B
Lovel, Mary188Book A
Lowe, Vera Jane66Book A
Loyd, M.S.119Book B
Lyles, Lena201Book A
Lyonne, Infant 46Book A
Lyons, Mrs. Maud248Book A
M?, Willie129Book B
Maddox, Donnie251Book B
Marchel, Allen159Book B
Marshall, A.182Book A
Marshell, Corrine63Book A
Martin, Mary265Book A
Matthews, Nick114Book B
Mattox, Ellis211Book A
Mayfield, Bertha233Book B
McClain, Rodolph81Book A
McClin, Rev C.H.39Book B
McCoy, Will180Book A
McDowell, Adolph45Book B
McElroy, Irma Jean145Book A
McEntire, Charlie150Book A
McGee, Margaret241Book B
McHenry, Manuel223Book B
McLaurin, Woody261Book A
McMohan, Robert288Book B
McNeal, Andrew1Book A
Meckelburg, Donasha109Book B
Mennifield, Bob260Book B
Merritt, Robert Lee25Book A
Mickens, Marshall176Book B
Mickle, Irene16Book B
Miller, Callie64Book A
Miller, Dora186Book A
Milton, Charlotte W.190Book B
Minnifield, Lessley Jr.276Book A
Minor, Samuel Ray235Book A
Mitchell, Annie158Book A
Mitchell, Henry298Book A
Mitchell, Jerry148Book B
Mitchell, Louie108Book B
Mitchell, Susie159Book A
Monroe, Margie Lee19Book B
Monroe, William Thomas18Book A
Montgomery, Willie71Book B
Moore, Carson58Book B
Moore, Evelyn Louise217Book A
Moore, John268Book B
Moore, Mary52Book A
Moore, Mildred283Book B
Moore, Ollie118Book A
Morehead, Calvin206Book A
Morehead, Lucy171Book A
Morgan, Mattie164Book A
Morgan, Sylvia Lynn21Book B
Morrison, Joseph201Book B
Moslt, Theodora82Book A
Moss, John59Book B
Murray, Mrs. Katie Lee4Book B
Murray, Samuel Jr.72Book B
Neal, Lula Mae177Book A
Neal, Lula Mae178Book A
Nelson, James208Book B
Nelson, Marcus187Book A
Nelson, Nada256Book B
Newman, Louise54Book B
Newton, Mattie L.7Book B
Newton, Norma67Book A
Nichols, Henry Jr.189Book A
Nichols, Mary109Book A
Oliver, Edmond6Book A
O’Neal, Squire48Book A
Osberry, Johnnie Eddward266Book A
Osborne, Laverne8Book A
Outley, Booker1Book B
P?, Darnell254Book A
Parker, Annie167Book B
Parker, Infant Lizzie183Book A
Parker, John36Book A
Parker, John37Book A
Patrick, Velma163Book B
Patterson, Jonas121Book B
Patterson, Roosevelt183Book B
Peak, Myette73Book A
Perry, Mary271Book B
Pickens, Lizzie8Book B
Poe, Jessie211Book B
Pollard, Ida7Book A
Powell, ?181Book B
Pratt, Mathew272Book A
Pratt, Rosie Lee33Book B
Preston, Lena110Book A
Ray, D. Bud16Book A
Richard, John Louis Sr.86Book B
Richardson, Willie158Book B
Riley, Dorothy281Book B
Roa?son, Minnie163Book A
Roberson, Grant24Book B
Robertson, Leonna32Book A
Robinson, Bertha92Book B
Robinson, Laura222Book B
Robinson, Ronald238Book B
Robinson, Sally227Book B
Robinson, Sara B.107Book A
Runnels, Richmond128Book A
Russell, John174Book B
S?, Norma198Book A
Sampson, Rowena172Book A
Samuel, Charlie128Book B
Sandifer, Willie225Book B
Savage, Martha219Book B
Sellers, Joseph Jr.88Book B
Sewell, Willie103Book A
Shaw, Charlotte192Book A
Shaw, John Jr.267Book A
Shepard, Rosie Lee274Book A
Sheppard, Doris73Book B
Sherman, Ducan237Book B
Simmons, Willie36Book B
Simone, Leona139Book A
Sims, Olivia15Book A
Singleton, Jim113Book A
Singleton, Mary268Book A
Smith, Benjamin23Book A
Smith, C.176Book A
Smith, Clarence177Book B
Smith, Connie40Book B
Smith, Darkie226Book B
Smith, Emma144Book B
Smith, George126Book B
Smith, Henry218Book B
Smith, Infant Joseph175Book A
Smith, Irene292Book A
Smith, Lena Elizabeth233Book A
Smith, Mandy127Book B
Smith, Margaret234Book A
Smith, Nancy135Book B
Smith, Necie237Book A
Smith, Ollie102Book A
Smith, Pheartis248Book B
Spland, Charlie Lewery97Book B
Standifer, Nector226Book A
Stangel, Joanne126Book A
Stanley, Laura285Book A
Staten, Baby160Book B
Staten, Willie266Book B
Stell, Ben299Book A
Steps?, Governor244Book B
Strange, Clessie J.118Book B
Strange, Westley83Book B
Straw, Charley100Book A
Sumlin, Tommy Charle245Book A
Swazer?, Brece180Book B
Taylor, A. Lilshell265Book B
Taylor, Georgia225Book A
Taylor, Georgie213Book A
Taylor, Jol227Book A
Taylor, Laura10Book A
Taylor, Laurae175Book B
Taylor, Many59Book A
Taylor, Minnie294Book A
Taylor, Steve281Book A
Tellis, Ike Jr.50Book B
Thomas, Alice277Book B
Thomas, Baby Girl223Book A
Thomas, Craford288Book A
Thomas, Dock10Book B
Thomas, Hattie11Book B
Thomas, Infant   77Book A
Thomas, Infant boy34Book A
Thomas, Joe107Book B
Thomas, Manuel213Book B
Thomas, Steven132Book A
Thomaspson, Isabell171Book B
Thompsen, Andrew C.140Book A
Thompsen, Andrew C.141Book A
Thompson, Clell M.199Book A
Thornton, Sarah250Book B
Tillman, Ed242Book B
Tribble, Ed185Book A
Triffle, Lucille Minor29Book B
Trotter, Winnie164Book B
Tuggle, Ivory212Book B
Turner, Chrisine229Book B
Twine, Tommie267Book B
Tyson, Paul193Book A
Unknown infant83Book A
Unknown infant84Book A
Varner, Naomi, Hatten250Book A
Vaughan, Frank28Book A
Vergie, Elsie27Book B
Vonner, David Thomas54Book A
Vonner, David Thomas56Book A
W?, Josephine197Book A
Walker, Louise185Book B
Walker, Odessa Jones131Book B
Walter, Wallie181Book A
Walters, Wilkins162Book B
Walton, Jonas172Book B
Ward, Leon9Book A
Warren, L.108Book A
Waster, Allie S.133Book A
Watson, Ada116Book B
Watson, Henry230Book B
Watson, Irene155Book B
Webb, Elizabeth80Book B
Weeden, Wade41Book A
West, Mrs. Mary263Book B
West, Rose Lee Curry102Book B
White, Effie200Book B
Whitfield, Carrie131Book A
Whitfield, Rube140Book B
Wilford, Mack168Book B
William, Anita39Book A
William, Beatrice40Book A
William, Catherine84Book B
William, Linda Marshall53Book B
William, Sarah110Book B
Williams, Angleline187Book B
Williams, Anna280Book B
Williams, David L.242Book A
Williams, Dorothy231Book B
Williams, Ella228Book A
Williams, George215Book B
Williams, Jack194Book A
Williams, James156Book B
Williams, James259Book B
Williams, Jimmie96Book B
Williams, Joel Carter4Book A
Williams, John35Book B
Williams, Martin58Book A
Williams, Martin60Book A
Williams, Mary Allen243Book B
Williams, Maso184Book B
Williams, Minnie178Book B
Williams, Rev. Willie48Book B
Williams, Robert Lee275Book B
Williams, Sam230Book A
Willis, Ida234Book B
Willis, Jame Doc245Book B
Wilson, Isreal3Book A
Wilson, Savanah207Book A
Winslow, Mose253Book B
Wood, Aaron200Book A
Wooley, Mathe88Book A
Worle, Simon78Book A
Worship, Roberta262Book A
Wright, Frank195Book B
Wright, George86Book A
Wright, Hunter249Book B
Wright, King Jr.221Book B
Wright, Louise81Book B
Wright, Mary104Book B
Yeggins, Frank193Book B
Young, Claude246Book B
Ziegler, Henry204Book A

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