Monroe/West Monroe Funeral Homes

Year of first appearanceName of Funeral HomeAddress in Monroe
in the City Directory
1936Acme Funeral722 Adams
1956Burton1617 DeSiard
1957Burton & Bowie1617 DeSiard
1938Christian Funeral Home1715 Grammont
1938Corry704 Riverside
1930Corry-Davis2917 South Grand
1929Corry-Williams2917 South Grand
1936Davis-Lawhead1008 Jackson
1966Delta Funeral Service Assn.201 Telemaque
1940Dixie403 Jackson
1940Douglas Sherman1715 Grammont
1942Good Citizens1617 DeSiard
1945Hall 403 Jackson
1979Hester Central State811 Louise Ann 
1947Hixson Brothers1110 Jackson
1957Hunt’s Mortuary1501 Adams
1956Kilpatrick1502 Cypress (WEST MONROE)
1929Lamothe1216 De Siard
1936Miller’s1006 Washington
1913Morehead & Cook701 DeSiard
1912Morehead & Miles701 DeSiard
1924Morehead PE905 DeSiard
1933Mulhearn500 St. John
1936National416 Grammont
1912Peters500 South Grand
1966Richardson1617 DeSiard
1965Simms & Gundy1407 Washington
1969Spears1010 Stubbs
1973Spears-Vickers1010 Stubbs
1930Williams  1006 Washington
1924Williams & Robinson1005 DeSiard

As a side note, the Special Collections Department of the Ouachita Parish Public Library has records from Peters, Burton, Good Citizens and Richardson.

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