Public TV in Monroe BEFORE LPB!

Before I saw this photo, I had never heard of KLSE TV station, channel 13. It broadcast from Forsythe Avenue. I found this Wikipedia article on it: . KLSE was an educational program only station! It sounds very similar to LPB today, only geared more towards the education of children. It was the first … Continue reading Public TV in Monroe BEFORE LPB!

Louisville Avenue Christmas Parade

Merry Christmas! It is that time of year again! These photos are of the Monroe Christmas parade of 1970. Mr. Sale was standing on Louisville Avenue near Gibson's. I am just amazed at the crowds!

Grace Episcopal Tots Visit the Train Depot

This one is dated February, 1965. I did find another photo in the News-Star that month which was captioned with the statement that the St. Christopher Day School at Grace Episcopal was visiting Ruston via a train! You can see the T.M. Parker building (New York Hardware) in the background located on DeSiard street.