Your Hometown Tycoon Game

About a month ago, this board game came up for sale on eBay. I had never heard of it! Apparently, in 1992, a company did a take off on the popular game of Monopoly. They did these board games for several towns around the country, Monroe included. They solicited ads to appear on the board and cards from local businesses. Below are some pictures I took of the board and cards.

The back of each property card profiled the business advertised on the front of the card.

The “Risk” cards all advertised the News – Star on the front and a local business on the back.

The board itself profiled many businesses and a few sites to see in Monroe! I see the Krewe of Janus advertised, Shirley the Elephant at the zoo, Masur Museum and Layton Castle! I am keeping this one for myself, but the library has one in Special Collections if you would like to see one up close.

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