Ouachita Parish School Board, 1965-1966.


A similar picture to this one in our collection was found in the 1966 West Monroe High School yearbook, the Rebelaire. It identified the men in the photo as:

seated from left to right: William Ray, T. W. Golson, J. A. Rutledge, Dwight Owens, J. H. Trousdale, Jr., Mrs. G. M. Snellings, Jr., M. W. Ford ( in doorway), George Rorex, Milton Hall, B. A. Tarver, Sr., Roy Cash, W. E. Palmer, Jerry York (back of Palmer), Dr. F. H. Hammonds, Fred McVay, C. E. Buckley (back of McVay), J. T. Lee, and Fred Riser. Standing are Mack L. Owens and Bill Norris, Jr.

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