A Lost Grave at Travelers Rest Plantation

I have a personal subscription to Newspapers.com and have noticed that they have now digitized the Ouachita Citizen from 1925 to 1976. While playing around with search terms, I found an article in the April 16, 1931 edition which talks about Travelers Rest plantation. The following paragraph caught my eye:

Perhaps the outstanding historical spot in the McGuire estate is a grave, located a few feet behind the plantation home. In this grave was buried in 1820, the body of Thomas Wade. It is believed by Mr. McGuire that at one time Wade was the owner of what is now Travelers Rest. On account of the general appearance around the grave, it is also believed that a number of former members of the Wade family were buried in this locality.

This is the first I have heard about burials around Travelers Rest! I think they may be mistaken about the name though. It may be the grave of a Daniel Wade, who passed in 1820. WOW! I really believe Phinetta Hasley and one of her husbands built Travelers Rest though. I could be wrong!

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