Junior Chamber of Commerce Bubble Blowing Contest – 1946

Our grandparents and great grandparents knew how to party! On September 28, 1946, the Junior Chamber of Commerce threw what they called a “Big Teen-Age Party” at the new teen recreation center over the old USO. The City Directory for 1945-46 says the USO was at 113-15 Catalpa Street. That is either the old Club Nuvo building or the empty parking lot across from the bus station. Teens could dance, win prizes, get on the radio and eat snacks all under adult supervision. They had a big bubble gum blowing contest and this is a picture from it:


One thing that popped out for me was the group of African-American men standing behind the teens. At this time Monroe was highly segregated. I read in the News-Star that Ben Burton and his orchestra performed for the kids that night at 8. It makes me wonder if that is Ben Burton himself facing the camera! I have never seen a picture of him.

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