A List of Monroe’s African-American Newspapers

I was browsing through the Genealogy Department’s collection, when I found a book called “Bibliographic Checklist of African American Newspapers” by Barbara K. Henritze. It was published in 1995. It is basically a list of all known Black owned newspapers that had been published in the United States. There were a few from Monroe that I hadn’t heard of! I will publish the names of the ones listed and the dates they published.

Black Free Press/Monroe Free Press – 1973 – present

Broadcast/Southern Broadcast – 1932 – 1938

Monroe Community Leader – 1979 – 1987

Monroe Dispatch – 1975 – present

Negro in Louisiana – before 1936

News Leader – 1962 – 1976

Rapping Black – 1969 – 1973

Twin City Journal – 1940

Twin City Tribune – 1941 – 1944

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