A Ouachita Settlement Before Fort Miro?

I was reading a thesis about the effect of human settlement in Ouachita Parish on the landscape (read the whole thing here: https://shareok.org/bitstream/handle/11244/31625/Thesis-1974D-A425s.pdf;jsessionid=4D09B04F0C16F02D4D42C72D2C4605FE?sequence=1 ) when I found something I hadn’t heard before. This thesis claimed that in 1719, France decided to set up a colony on the Ouachita river. The site selected was the bend in the Ouachita where Bayou DeSiard empties in (around Loop/Park Road area). It was called the Cantillon Concession.

Thirty seven men and three women were sent to the settlement. They included tradesmen, bakers, and various other trades. Every kind of skill to set up a settlement was planned for. Unfortunately, the humidity, sickness, lack of food and high cost of living took their toll and when the Natchez massacre of 1729 happened, the remaining settlers went south to larger settlements or went back home to France. By the time Filhiol came over fifty years later, only a small group of hunters remained in the area. Very interesting if true!

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