Farmerville quarantines against Monroe

This amusing little paragraph in the New Orleans Daily Delta, October 26, 1853 shows just how frightened locals were of the yellow fever scourge!

FENCING OUT YELLOW FEVER. – The Farmersville Enquirer has the following notice of the efficiency of the town council of that flourishing village, in their measures for keeping out the yellow fever:

Quarantine. – Our citizens were somewhat surprised and excited on Wednesday last, at hearing that the yellow fever was in Monroe, and at night our village was placed in a state of quarantine, by fencing up the principal thoroughfares and by-ways leading into the village. We know not who caused this to be done, whether it was done by some of the b’hoys for a spree, or by an acto of the town council. If by the b’hoys, we will let it pass, for they will have their frolics ; and if by the town council, we will bow in submission, as it is their first act since they have been in office.”

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