Georgia Street Nursing Home

How about this postcard? I had never heard of this nursing home before, but I found that it opened at 1000 S. Georgia street (later 2700 Georgia Street) in early 1961. It advertised private, air-conditioned rooms. It was owned and operated by Charles and Camille Poindexter on the southside of Monroe. Previously they had owned and operated the Spanish City Convalescent Home inside the old Magenta Plantation. The business closed in the 1980’s and the buildings were torn down in the mid 2000s.

One thought on “Georgia Street Nursing Home

  1. Thank you for sharing! I remember this home well, as these were my grandparents. Spent many a day walking these halls and eating lunch when I was staying with my grandmommy and Aunt Nancy, who later managed the home. I remember going late in the night with my aunt to address problems with “nosy” old men sneaking where they shouldn’t have been!

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