The Greek-American Confectionery Company – 1911

The Monroe News-Star, December 16, 1911.


One of the well known, old established, and well patronized confectionery establishments in the city is the Greek-American Confectionery which is located at 236 DeSiard street. This is one of the best places in the city to come for home-made candies, etc. A full line of chocolates and a general line of high grade candies are carried. A specialty is made of ice creams and nut confections, and they can take care of an order of any size. This is especially convenient to those residents of Monroe who entertain a good deal for after giving their order for ices to the Greek-American Confectionery Co. they need not give it another thought for it is sure to come up in the most satisfactory condition at the proper moment.
They also carry a finely selected stock of fruits.

I had never heard of the above business before stumbling across the above photo and article. Sounds like a great place to take a date on the weekend! A George Vambis was listed as the proprietor of the establishment in the 1912 City Directory. That must be him in the above photo.

2 thoughts on “The Greek-American Confectionery Company – 1911

  1. Lora,
    Where have all these fine businesses gone over the years? Monroe used to be a premier destination in this region – a shame. I think a lot of this is a result of the divisive politics that occurred in the 1960-1980 timeframe.

    Anyway, you are doing a great job with this, You are missed in Lifegroup!

    Richard Bradley

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  2. Thanks Richard! Miss you all too. I think what killed downtown was the Twin City Mall. All of those businesses under one roof made it so much easier to shop. You didn’t have to get out in the weather! Not to mention Mayor Howard knocking down a lot of those old buildings to make more parking. Pecanland Mall killed the Twin City mall and Amazon and online shopping are killing Pecanland. Vicious cycle!


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