My First Concert at the Monroe Civic Center

The News-Star, March 14, 1991, Page 7A

Allow me to be a little maudlin today.

One of the biggest hair bands during my high school and college years was Poison. I was a hair band fan, thanks to my boyfriend at the time being a metal head. Back in early 1991 I was finishing up my Freshman year of college when NLU announced that Poison, with opening band Slaughter would make a stop in Monroe and perform at the Civic Center. Tickets for students were only $10. My friends and I quickly got tickets for us and our dates. I think there ended up being about six of us. The floor was general admission but seats were set out bolted to the floor to prevent a crush at the stage. People were not allowed to stand in the aisles. This was my very first concert. It was magical! I will never forget my date and I slipping off to try to get closer to the stage on the side. We got there just in time to catch one of C.C.’s guitar solos up close. That was something I will never forget. My date slipped behind me, put his arms around me and rested his chin on my shoulder. We stood there in awe watching C.C. work his magic. What a memory. A poster from this concert hangs behind a check out register in an Antique Alley store. Every time I go in there, seeing it makes me smile and remember. Today would have been my date that night’s 48th birthday. He passed away a few years ago. Happy birthday, wherever you are!

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