The Importance of Wearing Personal Protection Items

The Times-Democrat (New Orleans) May 1, 1900, Page 7

Capt. O.W. Murray, Monroe.

Special to The Times-Democrat.

Monroe, La., April 30. – Capt. O.W. Murray, an undertaker here, died this evening from blood poisoning. According to a statement made by those intimate with him the captain had at all times refused to use gloves when handling bodies. There were several abrasions on his right arm and the supposition is that in handling the body of a child who had died from scarlet fever some of the virus was absorbed, though he declared he did not know where or how the inoculation occurred. Several physicians were called to attend him as the case was one of the most singular of the kind ever known here.

Capt. Murray came to Monroe from Hope, Ark., where for many years he was a dealer in furniture. He leaves a wife and a son.

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