The Naming of Lake Beulah

The Times-Democrat (New Orleans, LA) June 7, 1906, Page 10

The engineering corps of the Municipal Street Railway and Forsythe Park have asked the privilege of naming the beautiful lake which will be the chief attraction and ornament of the city when the park is completed, and have, out of compliment to the wife of Mayor A.A. Forsythe, called it Lake Beulah.

Lake Beulah became the overflow basin for the natatorium when it was built. It can still be seen near Forsythe Park between the levee and the river.

2 thoughts on “The Naming of Lake Beulah

  1. I always thought the “lake” was just a “Borrow” pit often pronounced as “Bar” pit or the place where they took (borrowed) the dirt from to build the Levee. Guess the Northside Monroe folk wanted to fancy it up a little bit. 🙂

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