A Moment’s Pause to Reflect on a Loss.

I decided to interrupt my usual daily post to note the passing of a friend of Ouachita Parish History, Congressman Elect Luke Letlow, who died yesterday of COVID.

Luke was a history buff, who created the blog RichlandRoots.com. It is a treasure trove of history and info on our sister parish, Richland. I encourage everyone to go check it out. He also created the “Richland Parish History, Culture, Old Photos & Stories” page on Facebook where he shared his posts and people could share their Richland parish history.

Luke was a big fan of this page. In the early days of the blog, he would read and like just about everything I posted. He asked my permission to create a Ouachita Parish History Facebook page and one was made. A lot of my posts were shared there and it too became a great success. Genealogy and local history fans have lost a huge resource of Northeast Louisiana information. He would have done great things.

Rest in peace Luke. Thanks for the support.

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