The Birth of Magnolia Cemetery?

I found this little article a year ago and it makes me wonder if this is the birth of Magnolia Cemetery. For years there was a section of the Old City Cemetery reserved for the exclusive burial of African-Americans. The cemetery began running out of room. I have always heard that the African-American burials were dug up and reburied in the new “Colored” Cemetery (Magnolia). I’m sure there were some left behind. Makes me wonder…

The Ouachita Telegraph, November 15, 1866, Page 2

The increased mortality among the negroes causes a heavy demand on the vacant space in the negroes’ corner of the Monroe Cemetery, and induces the belief that another burial place will become necessary. Mr. H. Filhiol kindly offers to obviate the difficulty by donating to the negroes a burial ground in his new addition to Monroe. The Town Council will no doubt express its thanks for the generous act, and at the same time take steps to reserve the remaining portion of the Cemetery for the whites exclusively.

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