A New Genealogy Page for the Ouachita Parish Public Library

A few weeks ago, the library launched a new webpage at http://www.oplib.org. If you look at the top right section of the home page, you will see a link to Family and Local History. That leads you to our page, which has a lot of useful links at the bottom. The Databases page links to all of the websites we have access to. All you need is a library card. The Genealogy and History link takes you to a list of some of the best genealogy sites out there, all free. The Programs, Tours and Tutorials page leads you to the virtual versions of the Monroe and West Monroe historical tours, and links to some outside useful tutorials on some of our databases and genealogy research. At the top of the page is a link to Family and Local History Virtual Programs. Here you can find a handy dandy link to all four of our “Talking Headstones” videos! I especially like the Annie Saunders one! *Ahem*

So, check out the new website! There is lots to see and use! Something for everyone.

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