Col. Francis Palmer “Frank” Stubbs

I found this photo on the Louisiana Digital Library of Frank Stubbs speaking at the Shrewsberry Race Track in East Jefferson Parish:

Frank was the son of Col. Francis Peter “Frank” Stubbs, Sr., who lead the Pelican Grey’s during the Civil War.

I believe they have their date wrong in the description. Frank was a Democratic candidate in the gubernatorial race back in 1919-20. The Jefferson Parish Fair Association asked Frank to come to the area for a candidates’ debate against John M. Parker on October 12, 1919. The Monroe News-Star carried an account on the front page of the next day’s paper. It seems the debate was fiery on both sides but Frank held his own. Unfortunately, it did him no good. John M. Parker became our 37th Governor in 1920. I think that may be Governor Parker in the bow tie on the left with his arm propped against the railing.

Here is a second view showing Parker speaking. Frank is sitting in the corner on the right.

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